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Posted by Butters , 25 September 2016 · 994 views

Did we use Luck wrong in previous editions? did anyone use it to save a character or was it just a skill you used to see if you had remembered to bring a flashlight?

Not really, the rules for Luck are significantly different in 7E than they were in previous editions. It's now a resource to be spent rather than a "just" characteristic to be checked. I think the classic way I used it in the past was as the Keeper Caveat to move things along when the players were stymied - as well as determine who was targeted by the mindless monstrosity that was likely to kill whomever it grabbed....



I know Luck is now a spendable resource in 7th and is more focussed on using it to adjust outcomes but I still wonder if we did luck a disservice in previous editions just using it to move things along and to stop the arguments over who rode shotgun when it could have been used for so much more.


From Sixth, Luck is the ability to be in the right place at the right time: this roll is often called for in emergency situations, especially when the keeper desires higher percentage chances for the Investigators, more than might result from, say, calling for jump or Dodge rolls.