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Do you hear voices in your head too ?

Posted by Butters , 20 November 2010 · 95 views

Huzzah I've got a reply from the forum thread Using Skype for online CC. A guy over in America said he was looking for an extra player and was happy for it to be over Skype and his next game was on Thursday which was great for me as it was a day off and I could use the desktop. I must admit I was a little nervous as this was all new and after listening to...



Posted by Butters , 19 November 2010 · 94 views

Well I've not played Cthulhu for a long time come to think of it I've not role played anything in ages but I did lurk a little you know dropped into Rpg.net and YSDC just to see what was new in town but I never joined or stayed long.I worked nights for a long time and then got a job with silly shifts (I should have learned my lesson) so role playing with...