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Things that go crunch in the night.

Posted by Butters , 09 March 2011 · 434 views

Playing the Hills Rise Wild from Arkham Unveiled so beware Spoilers follow.

Ron=Keeper and Jack Ryan Chauffeur
Zach=Special Agent Norman Jayden
Mark=Alistair Simms returning Missionary

The large bear of a man came up to us and warmly introduced himself as Mr Levi Stone who was a local farmer.After a brief chat where we explained our present dire circums...


Thank the lord for friendly strangers.

Posted by Butters , 04 March 2011 · 260 views

Playing the Hills Rise Wild from Arkham Unveiled so beware Spoilers follow.

Ron=Keeper and Jack Ryan Chauffeur
Zach=Special Agent Norman Jayden
Mark=Alistair Simms returning Missionary

Saw an interesting article in the local paper,A Dr Billings of the local University is holding a meeting to discuss a Meterorite that may have struck nearby.Seems jolly f...


I have a strange feeling.

Posted by Butters , 02 March 2011 · 200 views

Well its been a while and I have a lot to catch up on.So after getting through the Undergroud Menace it was time for Zach to wear the keepers hat and he had a homebrew he wanted to try out.
The game started with a mixed bag of Investigators going to the town of Greenvale to gather some more information about a murder which may be linked to the death of on...


Orient Express on T.V

Posted by Butters , 14 February 2011 · 142 views

David Suchet reboards the Orient Express and takes a journey through Europe discovering some of the history of this famous train.
ITV 3 20.00 Tuesday the 15th.

Might be fun for anyone planning to run HotOE


This ones for you Ron.

Posted by Butters , 24 January 2011 · 140 views

This is a cheeky post but I've recently had a really fun game of Cthulhu it was the published scenario The Spawn from The Great Old Ones.
Ron was the Keeper and Chris was the other player I was playing as Mark Sloan,Alienist while Chris was Daniel Lewis,Handyman at large who had a strange need to try and repair things even if they didn't need it.


Did I remember to pack the dynamite?

Posted by Butters , 24 January 2011 · 123 views


Jeff drove into town in the early hours of the morning and explained to the Police that his friend had been killed I'm not sure if they believed him especially the bit about the trees coming alive but seeing his distress the Police agreed to arrange a search party in an attempt to get to the bottom of this n...


Call me crazy but did that tree just move?

Posted by Butters , 23 January 2011 · 121 views


After half carrying an increasingly sicker Jeff down a couple of miles of dirt track Frank finally reached the main road and the truck.He threw Jeff in and put his foot down again heading back to-wards Winnemuck he made it back okay and again had to wake up the Doctor who was less then pleased to see...


Tell them about the Honey Mummy.

Posted by Butters , 26 December 2010 · 90 views


Well we are back with our intrepid group of investigators settling down for the night in the scary woods.Frank West had managed to anger one of the local Postmen by making him walk back to the town after he had guided the group to the caves instead of giving him a lift back in the car....


Going postal.

Posted by Butters , 10 December 2010 · 111 views

Quick Recap,
The intrepid investigators are asked to help out a snowed under University in finding out what was causing the earth tremors near the small town of Winnemuck.

The Cast
Ron = Jeff Combs Geologist at large
Zach = Frank West Assistant

The guys had found out a lot of information but it was all about a Bill Whittaker and nothing even approaching...


Pass the Prozac bottle Nurse.

Posted by Butters , 07 December 2010 · 104 views

The time had come for me to man up and do a stint as a Keeper this was causing me to break out in colds sweats as my only other GM experience was trying to run a Paranoia game which went very very badly.
Also as this was for me a new group and gaming over Skype was also a new experience the nervous level was reaching dangerous heights.
I wanted a fun game...