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Session #5 - Ross' Corner, IL

Posted by DAR , in Session Report 16 September 2016 · 769 views
Pulp, CoC 7e
So, this came after a extra long break due to various work and recreation conflicts among the group. The game opened with the somewhat belated relaization that the group hadn't utilized thier downtime very effectively (I gave them the chance to do research, but nobody did so) and it was a great example of "time passes quicker than you realized" - just lik...


Session #4 - R.I.P. Walter Corbitt, Esq.

Posted by DAR , in Session Report 21 August 2016 · 489 views
CoC 7e, Pulp
Well, had the 4th session yesterday, and everyone enjoyed themselves a great deal. In re-reading the 7E rules, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Indefinite Insanity didn't render a character out-of-commission, merely significantly more emotionally fragile and susceptible to Bout of Madness. This meant that Helen the Antiquarian was still playabl...


Playing with amending Backstory as the result of insanity

Posted by DAR , in Characters 10 August 2016 · 568 views
CoC 7e
So, I have to say that this is one of the things I've been most looking forward to - the addition of concrete backstory elements in character creation was great, but the suggestion if not mandate to mess with these in some way when characters go insane is a fantastic. 
So, I had three characters go insane last session (two temporarily and one indefi...


Session #2 - "Der ain't nuttin in dat room but drippin blood and an angry bed"

Posted by DAR , in Session Report 08 August 2016 · 369 views
CoC 7e, Pulp
Today was a good day and everyone had loads of fun. First the PI bribed the desk sergeant enough money to actually just give him the file on the police raid (Based on the contents I'm surprised it hadn't "gone missing" before frankly) thenhe got called off to work (because the player had to go to work) and the rest of the party tromped over to the Corbitt...


Session #3 - The Opener of the Ways

Posted by DAR , in Session Report 08 August 2016 · 442 views
CoC 7e, Pulp
The game picked up again at around 2AM of the same evening that they had gone to speak with Mr. Knott, the owner of the Corbitt House (see above). I had decided that things need a jolt of energy, so given the determined (and in the case of one person, repeated) poking around despite clearly haunted happenings, Things Got Real. 
The Medium and the Ant...


Session #1 - Your friend, Mr. Rupert Merriweather is in the hospital...

Posted by DAR , in Session Report 08 August 2016 · 478 views
CoC 7e, Pulp
I had a flash of inspiration as I was figuring out how the group knew each other (some did, some didn't), and decided to run The Haunting and Edge of Darkness as one longer, interlinked scenario.

I led with Edge of Darkness, and the quest giver mentioned that he feared that you would need hidden papers that belonged to the former leader of his group....