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Dr Who Lovecraftian stories in print

Posted by yockenthwaite , 04 June 2010 · 256 views

I'm currently working through The Panda Book of Horror which includes a Lovecraftian story: "The Shadow of the Times Before" by Matt Kimpton. In this particular story time-traveller Iris Wildthyme and her companion Panda end up in a Lovecraftian world. And it's just very well written, very well constructed, and - like all Iris stories - extremely funny....


Lovecraftian reading journal

Posted by yockenthwaite , 16 May 2010 · 228 views

I'm still fairly new to Lovecraft, but have been working through the stories. "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" was the first I read. I struggled for ages to read it in print form, due to physical and cognitive disability problems. Eventually I downloaded it into Stanza on my iPod Touch, and found I could race through it, easily reading it in the smaller...