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Review of Icarus Theatre’s “At the Mountains of Madness”

Posted by yockenthwaite , 12 March 2016 · 972 views
Review, Stage
Tonight my husband and I attended this play, which is touring around Britain and Ireland throughout 2016. We saw it at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews. 
It’s a one-man show, and I had big reservations before it started about how well that format would work. By the end I still had some reservations, but generally was won around to the idea. 


Review of "Secret Invasion: tales of eldritch horror from the West Country"

Posted by yockenthwaite , 08 January 2016 · 976 views

This anthology of Lovecraftian tales set in England's West Country was recently published to raise money for the UK mental health charity Mind. The book is available in various ebook formats, as well as in print format. For more details of how to obtain the collection (if in ebook format basically donate through the JustGiving page and download) see its...


yock's Lovecraftathon: Necronomicon review sum-up

Posted by yockenthwaite , 05 November 2015 · 879 views

Now I've reviewed all the stories in the Gollancz Necronomicon collection I wanted to post some summary thoughts. Firstly I'm really glad that I started on this reviewing project. I got an awful lot out of reading all these stories. The discipline of trying to post a new review each week or so kept me going, when otherwise I might have stopped, or d...


yock's Lovecraftathon: The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Posted by yockenthwaite , 05 November 2015 · 458 views

It's nice to have another Dreamlands story. I tend to enjoy those a lot. Maybe it's because of the fantastical elements in them - I've always enjoyed fantasy. But it may also be because of their mood: often positive and dreamy, very different from Lovecraft's more somber works. And, quite simply, the descriptions make me wish I could visit these dream wor...


yock's Lovecraftathon: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Posted by yockenthwaite , 27 October 2015 · 585 views

I approached this story with good memories, because it was the first full Lovecraft story I ever read, and I very much enjoyed it. On this reread I was interested to see how it compares with the other stories now that I've read many of those. 
At first glance the opening main section is a little frustratingly structured, with a few too many peeks ahe...


yock's Lovecraftathon: The Thing on the Doorstep

Posted by yockenthwaite , 20 October 2015 · 551 views

I was reading this at my desktop computer, on Amazon's cloud Kindle reader in the web browser. So it was easy for me to type brief notes as I read. For a change of approach I'm going to paste them in directly below, not expanded or edited: 
snappy attention-grabbing start - nice 
Pickman as middle name - any connection to prior Pickman stories?...


yock's Lovecraftathon: The Haunter of the Dark

Posted by yockenthwaite , 06 October 2015 · 594 views

I see that this story is dedicated to Bloch, and the main character is clearly based on him. Indeed reading more about the story I find it's a sequel to one by Bloch featuring a Lovecraft like main character. Well I haven't read that, and I know nothing of the history between the two authors. So I'm just going to approach this story as a stand alone piece...


yock's Lovecraftathon: The Shadow out of Time

Posted by yockenthwaite , 21 September 2015 · 731 views

Reading this for the first time I found it to be a somewhat frustrating story for me. 
On the plus side I really like the central concept, of an ancient non humanoid race which can transport minds through time and space. 
But I found the story often poorly written: over long in many places, and frequently repetitive. For example the lengthy - in...


yock's Lovecraftathon: The Shadow over Innsmouth

Posted by yockenthwaite , 03 September 2015 · 919 views

I've not read this story before, but I have encountered fishy like humanoid creatures in a roleplaying scenario, The Shadow over Dunwich, which was inspired by this story. Dunwich in the UK that is. Doctor Who / Call of Cthulhu crossover RPG game. It's a long story, so I'm going to split my comments up into the numbered sections. The different parts...


yock's Lovecraftathon: At the Mountains of Madness

Posted by yockenthwaite , 20 August 2015 · 860 views

This was a reread for me. I've also read it in graphic novel versions. I'd enjoyed it last time, and enjoyed it very much this time too. Indeed I didn't take many notes as I read, because I was so gripped. That is a good thing. One thing that struck me early on was how convincing the story is as an account of a scientific expedition. As a reader I to...