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yock's Lovecraftathon: Poetry and the Gods

Posted by yockenthwaite , 24 March 2017 · 284 views

Another collaboration, with a name I don't recognise, though googling finds some more detail about Anna Helen Crofts e.g. here and here (though for the second beware annoying popups and redirections). I'm always curious, but usually rather clueless, about the nature of Lovecraft's collaborations, and e.g. who wrote what. I find it interesting that...


yock's Lovecraftathon: The White Ship

Posted by yockenthwaite , 25 February 2017 · 376 views

Again jotting down brief thoughts as read.
Puzzled by the opening sense of place. A North Point lighthouse could be just about anywhere, though the names sound English, or at least Anglophile. But the variety of boats coming into the port seems improbably varied for any such location. I'd be happier if this was more modestly framed, or at least more humbl...


yock's Lovecraftathon: Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Posted by yockenthwaite , 23 February 2017 · 334 views

Apologies for the delay in more reviews. Been quite knocked out neurologically. To get things moving quickly again, starting with this one, I've just jotted down quick notes as I read.
Ah dreams, but will it be Dreamlands?
The opening is somewhat overwritten and laborious, even for Lovecraft. And "immundane"? And "terraqueous"?
"White trash" - erm, w...


yock's Lovecraftathon: The Picture in the House

Posted by yockenthwaite , 29 October 2016 · 659 views

I find the opening a bit parochial to be honest. It's rather an overblown claim to make to say that the worst terrors are found in rural New England. Even accounting for knowing of Lovecraftian horrors - as a reader, at a meta level - this doesn't ring true to me, and lifts me out of the story. And yes I know that this comes partly from Lovecraft's upbrin...


yock's Lovecraftathon: Memory

Posted by yockenthwaite , 29 September 2016 · 299 views

Ah a Dreamlands story! In my original Lovecraftathon read through I discovered quite quickly that I generally like these a lot. It's a bit strange, because they are very peculiar, and quite extremely fantastical. And as a reader you often have to work hard to visualise what's being described effectively, especially with all the strange made-up words used....


yock's Lovecraftathon: The Beast in the Cave

Posted by yockenthwaite , 28 August 2016 · 468 views

Knowing nothing about this story I wondered if it's early, because it seems very over written and heavy in its use of convoluted language. And checking I see that it's extremely early Lovecraft, written in 1904 when he was 14. Crumbs. 
Also it's rather a trivial point, but the description at the start of being stuck in a cave reminded me an awful lot...


yock's Lovecraftathon: A reminiscence of Dr Samuel Johnson

Posted by yockenthwaite , 29 July 2016 · 312 views

Ok this could be interesting. Technically my speciality as a historian is the 18th century. So I'm curious to see how well this piece captures the feeling of then for me. Though I don't know much about Johnson specifically, so shouldn't be quibbling over facts or the accuracy of his depiction. 
Very archaic language, nicely capturing the style. Thoug...


yock's Lovecraftathon: The Alchemist

Posted by yockenthwaite , 27 June 2016 · 317 views

I'm curious that this was written by Lovecraft at a young age, only 17 or 18. I'm intrigued to see what the writing style is like, and how well it works as a story. As I read I made brief notes, and will reproduce those here. 
Promising start, though perhaps a bit heavy handed on the descriptive imagery. As I read the opening paragraphs I feel a bit...


yock's Lovecraftathon: History of the Necronomicon

Posted by yockenthwaite , 30 May 2016 · 527 views

Interesting read for me this one, because it's a fictional account of the history of a fake book. I have a PhD in book history (I researched Scottish reading habits in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries), so have read a lot of bibliographic entries in my time, though my research focused more on evidence for reading than studying books as h...


yock's Lovecraftathon: Onto Eldritch Tales

Posted by yockenthwaite , 27 April 2016 · 394 views

I've just bought the Eldritch Tales collection of more Lovecraft writings, so will soon be resuming my Lovecraftathon series of reviews. I'm probably not going to review the poetry - I have a bit of a hit and miss relationship with poetry! And ditto the essays. But I plan to review all the short stories, both those by Lovecraft only and his collaboration...