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NYC #14 - The Pennywell Hangmen, Part One

Posted by viscounteric , 06 March 2018 · 64 views

After solving the riddles of the NWI mines, our Investigators were hailed as heroes, given their pay and a complimentary bottle of Canadian whiskey, and promptly sent back to New York City. Three of them, at least. Mike and Jeffrey decided to stay on and honor their contracts with NWI. They exchanged information and saw the others off at the station at R...


NYC #13 Blackest Hills, Blackist Night

Posted by viscounteric , 11 June 2017 · 9,539 views

New York, December 11, 1923 New York City proved to be the tonic to the ails of the weary. Dr. Nathaniel Millheim had been six months removed from his last mind altering Mythos episode and was at the top of his game as a pulp writer. Steven O'Hara was now a professor of physics at Columbia University, getting research offers, and giving his dilettant...


NYC Cthulhu #12: They Sleep By Twilight

Posted by viscounteric , 20 June 2015 · 959 views
Jazz Age
November 22, 1923
"Mother said there'd be days like this," Jessica Carson thought to herself as she slowly leafed through her husband's files."No, as a matter of fact, she had no freaking clue."

Surely, not even a guilt filled Irish mother could imagine that in one quick year, her unmarried daughter would go from small town school teacher (with a checke...


NYC Cthulhu #11 Murder in the Footlights

Posted by viscounteric , 03 April 2014 · 6,298 views
Jazz Age
November 9, 1923

JP Carson was in heaven. The nights might be get longer, but if these dresses got any shorter, he would have to seriously propose an open relationship with his wife. The way they danced, why he could just...


JP was startled awake by someone rudely knocking his feet off of his own desk. The nerve of some people! This had bette...


Coal Cracker Cthulhu #10: Suffer Little Children

Posted by viscounteric , 19 October 2013 · 1,016 views

Friday, October 5th, 1923.

The Yonkers Train Station was an important stop on the Hudson Line. It could be argued that it was the last stop for civilization before the trains began their lazy journey up the east side of the Hudson River. It was also a focal point for trolleys, as well as commuter and regional trains, avoiding the ruckus of Grand Central...


Coal Cracker Cthulhu #9 Dust to Dust

Posted by viscounteric , 14 September 2013 · 966 views

Late April 1923 -

After a rough start to the year, our intrepid investigators settled back into their more mundane roles. Steven O'Hara concentrated on his teaching, and ignoring his nagging wife's requests. Dr. Millheim had little for work for Brian, so Mr. Nichols gently eased his way back into being a crooked bookkeeper. There were those two murder ra...


Coal Cracker Cthulhu #8: Transgression

Posted by viscounteric , 10 August 2013 · 1,072 views

After their dealings with the dead rising in Harlem, the Trentons and Smitty bid the others a fond farewell (or good riddance) and departed for Boston. Dr. Millheim, Steven, and Nichols decided to stay through the New Year, up until Steven had to return to classes at Wyoming Seminary. They invited some of their friends to visit, but no one was able to tak...


Coal Cracker Cthulhu #7: Dead Man Stomp

Posted by viscounteric , 27 July 2013 · 892 views

New Year's Eve is traditionally a racuous occassion in the streets of New York. When Prohibition was enacted, the party became publicly muted, but the celebration spread out many days in the dives, speakeasies, and clubs the sprung out of the rubble to cater to the those who desired a little illegality.

The Blue Heaven was one of those finer establishmen...


Coal Cracker Cthulhu #6: The Preacher and the Cross (part three)

Posted by viscounteric , 08 June 2013 · 748 views

Part Three: The Cavalry Comes to Save the Day

Steven O’Hara dashed from the Wilkes-Barre Station and used his remaining funds for a taxi across the river into Kingston. His three day train trip gave him plenty of time to plot a plan B to somehow rescue his “associates” from the inbreds of Georgia. Claiming Nathan was in trouble, and he earned a “leave of...


Coal Cracker Cthulhu #5: The Preacher and the Cross (Part 2)

Posted by viscounteric , 23 May 2013 · 567 views

March 17, 1922

As the group returned to Wilkes-Barre, they looked over the odd material they "recovered" from Mayhew Cooper's residence: Numerous notes referring to a ritual at the end of April, other papers and scraps of paper with strange codes, and what looked like a photograph of a detailed globe of the Earth, complete with clouds IN COLOR. How could...