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A plea to all teenagers wherever they are - Dont EVER give up.

Posted by Tigger_MK4 , 10 March 2014 · 851 views

Its a horrible thing when a child has to bury a parent. It is one of the most traumatic things any human being has to go through, an awful and unfair rite of passage that life requires from all of us eventually. The loss of one so deeply loved - one who can never be replaced - is a painful experience that can barely be imagined by anyone who hasnt gone th...


These days they call it depression - the reality of living with a mental illness

Posted by Tigger_MK4 , 21 April 2013 · 384 views

I'll hope you'll forgive that this is not directly Cthulhu related, but this is a subject that has cropped up on the forums in the past, and I know there are other suffers out there in the yoggie community...I'm hoping this might help others.

Plus, it might be a useful insight for gamers into how mental illness affects sufferers.

In the old days they c...


Beyond the Mountains of Madness : A shock in the lightest night

Posted by Tigger_MK4 , 06 March 2013 · 356 views

The return to camp is another tiring ski, but upon their return, the group are welcomed with open arms -or rather the new supplies are.*

That night, the exhausted explorers are once more troubled with bad dreams.
*James Ford dreams that the black opals in Mandys neckless turns into hundreds of squalling babies (1) ;*Harry dreams that he and Albert are be...


Beyond the Mountains of Madness : A Shadow of yet-to-come

Posted by Tigger_MK4 , 03 March 2013 · 358 views

Scurrying *across the sea ice, the team work furiously to stop their vital supplies from falling through a crack into the sea.*
Romford's first thought is the planes. They are safely distant from the crack, but they cannot be used to transport anything immediately, as they*are not warmed up -a process of ice thrawing and oil heating that will take some ti...


Beyond the Mountains of Madness : Thats hardly sporting...

Posted by Tigger_MK4 , 21 February 2013 · 309 views

November 14th*

Antarctica is at last at hand.*

The sight of the Admiralty range, and Ross island, is welcome after days and days of nothing but ice. The raucous sound of the Adele penguin colony on the island is less so.

Spirits in the Starkweather-Moore expedition are high, despite the fact that the Lexington expedition has made landfall before them....


Beyond the Mountains of Madness : The Cold, Pitiless Ice.

Posted by Tigger_MK4 , 20 February 2013 · 309 views

First Officer Turlow checks out the ice bound whaler through his binoculars.
"Its the Wallaroo" he says uneasily. "she disappeared last year during a squall."
"There may be survivors." points out Harry .
"Or at the very least, supplies" adds Fitzwilliam .

A row boat is provided to reach the flow in which the whaler is trapped. *Harry, Fitzwilliam, Ford...


Beyond the Mountains of Madness : Dammit, Jim...

Posted by Tigger_MK4 , 18 February 2013 · 307 views

October 26th

With another mighty crash, the loose aircraft engine bounces across the hold while the group look down from the hatch in the roof. Another huge wave impacts the boat, sluicing icy cold water over them, as they debate the best way to catch it.

The eventual plan is to try and trap the engine using rope and nets. Waiting until the engine roll...


Beyond the Mountains of Madness : High Seas and Low spirits

Posted by Tigger_MK4 , 11 February 2013 · 302 views

[S] For the next day or two, the ship sails south into increasingly rough seas. Starkweather and Moore pore over charts while the less seasoned members of the expedition suffer from mal-de-mer.

Finally, a huge storm hits, and the deck heaves up and down as huge waves batter the ship. The team are taken on the wildest rollercoaster ride of their lives, in...


Beyond the Mountains of Madness :Mazel Tov !

Posted by Tigger_MK4 , 09 February 2013 · 337 views

*Mazel tov !

As Dibden arrives for his shift making pemmican, he is greeted by the sound of swearing in a broad irish accent. Miles and Dewitt emerge from the production facility stinking of pemmican and blood.
"Its bad enough eating the f***ing stuff, let alone making it !" growls Miles.
"And thats the politest thing he's said all day" mutters DeWitt....


Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Pemmican, the wonder food !

Posted by Tigger_MK4 , 06 February 2013 · 330 views

Arriving in Australia...
...Moore confers with the team about replacing the destroyed supplies. They put together a list of supplies and potential suppliers, and try to prioritise the list.

As they descend off of the boat,*Dibden and Ford watch the police take Henning away.

"Well, thats that sorted."says Dibden , sounding very satisfied. He starts to...