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TERROR - adapted as a start to a GRU SV8 campaign

Posted by Madam30th , 13 August 2017 · 1,275 views

[spoiler alert - do not read if you intend to be a player in TERROR] I always liked the TERROR scenario: the idea that players are being tested for their loyalty prior to being erased from the living and turned into special agents investigating the mythos that reaches into the very heart of the Soviet state has such pulpy overtones. but the scenario...


Soldiers of Pen and Ink

Posted by Madam30th , 23 July 2016 · 1,242 views

Please do not read on if you intend to play/run the game as this post contains some thoughts on possible additions/changes to the scenario to make it run better.
************************************************************************************************************************************************ I've recently played through this scenario wi...



Posted by Madam30th , 13 August 2011 · 430 views

Operacija RUJNA ZORA
Predmet: Slucaj broj 88897-889-0033 Revolucionarna Ulamali Partija, Demokratska Republika Kongo, 1997
Odeljenje: 4/69
Status: Zatvoren
Oznaka: Strogo poverljivo

Otkako je poceo gradjanski rat u Demokratskoj republici Kongo, izvestaji agenata ukazivali su na alarmantni rast broja kultistickih organizacija i njihovo povezivanje sa raz...


tatterdemalion, modern day adaptation

Posted by Madam30th , 13 August 2011 · 783 views

A couple of years ago, I adapted Tatterdemalion for use in a modern setting. It was not a hard thing to do, as the scenario is not specifically grounded in the 1920s through historical or technological references.

I loved the scenario but felt that my players would enjoy it more if it was played out in the contemporary art/theatre/fashion setting, due...


Review of 'Unduying Leaders' MULA

Posted by Madam30th , 01 August 2011 · 485 views

Review of 'Unduying Leaders', which I wrote 2 years ago but never got round to posting.


‘Undying Leaders’ is a book of two parts: the initial section covers the essentials of succesfully incorporating Lovecraftian sorcerers in a CoC roleplaying campaign; the latter section provides a campaign centred around the undying leaders of Tibet.

Plenty of b...


"See No Evil" modified: operation OKTOBERFEST, part 2

Posted by Madam30th , 31 July 2011 · 456 views

Operation OKTOBERFEST, continued

To this end, they went to the Yugoslavian consulate; however once in there, they blew their covers when the second secretary asked them why had they been so negligent to loose their passports and to accompany him, agent Decko said "What passports???" while agent Dida said even more idiotically "lets just go to the deaf ro...


'King of Shreds and Patches' modified

Posted by Madam30th , 31 July 2011 · 687 views

Last week I ran 'King of shreds and patches' with my regular gaming group.

I always liked the scenario but wanted to change some aspects which I felt where a bit internally inconsistent. Recently, I felt even more the need to modify it in order to bring it a bit more in line with the contemporary views of Hastur, as presented in the 'Delta Green' and 'Ta...


'See No Evil' modified: operation OKTOBERFEST, part 1

Posted by Madam30th , 26 January 2005 · 585 views


(Based on the scenario "See No Evil" by Adam Gauntlet, published in UO16/17)

"See No Evil" was quite an inspiring scenario - an idea of a team of agents following around a bunch of immoral right-wing fanatics during the days before their organisation's conference, with the Karotechia in the wings, is a mouth-watering tr...