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NfP #046: A Kickstarted Universe

26 Jun 2017 01:27 PM | PoC in MAIN

News from Pnakotus for late June 2017, with your hosts Paul and Chris. This is quite a "crowd funder-y-based" edition where we spill the beans on where we've both gone wrong before - and more. Well, they say confession is good for the soul...


Plus other stuff too. Listen and find out.


News from Pnakotus was originally broadcast live in 360º video from Pickles' Tea Rooms on Monday, 26th June.


We have some rather nice Rhodia giveaways in this show. Fellow stationery geeks, unite!

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The Fall of The Wall: The Greatest Call of Cthu...

23 Jun 2017 04:18 PM | PoC in MAIN

After 35 years I’m putting my entire Call of Cthulhu collection up for sale. It’s the “Fall” of my “Wall” of [Call of] Cthulhu.


It’s all going.


All of it.




Read on...

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The Yellow King RPG - Kickstarter

22 Jun 2017 01:58 PM | PoC in MAIN

Now on Kickstarter and already at double its funding goal after just a day, is The Yellow King RPG from Pelgrane Press, written by Robin. D. Laws.


"Inspired by Robert W. Chambers’ influential cycle of short stories, YKRPG pits the characters against the reality-altering horror of The King in Yellow. This suppressed play, once read, invites madness. Or a visit from its titular character, an alien ruler intent on invading and remoulding our world into a colony of their planet, Carcosa. Four books, served up together in a beautiful slipcase, confront your players with an epic journey into reality horror…"


Check it out on Kickstarter, and do keep a note, the estimated completion date for this project is December 2018.

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Nineteen Years of YSDC - Set in Wax

19 Jun 2017 06:02 PM | PoC in MAIN

“Olde Yoggie”/YSDC/this web site passed its 19th year online last Friday (16th). In internet terms Yog-Sothoth is now quite a venerable beast and I try not to dwell on how many hours of my life have been spent working on it over the years. ;-)


Every so often we like to mark the birthdays with something novel (you may remember on Yoggie’s 15th birthday we gave away the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion 0.9 beta). Well, this year, we have something a little different, and as far as I know a first…


A special wax cylinder recording of our podcast, The Cthulhu Breakfast Club. I said it was different!


It’s not the first wax cylinder we’ve done, but it might be the last as they’re now extremely difficult to produce. However if you would like a memento of YSDC and have something quite unusual for your collection, then this may be worth look.

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CBC #029: Collections and Communities

19 Jun 2017 03:56 PM | PoC in MAIN

In complete contrast to May's meeting of The Cthulhu Breakfast Club, June sees us sweltering under Yorkshire sunshine but somehow we bravely troop onwards with the last of the ice into the Cthulhoid depths of the internet and beyond.


CBC listeners get an advance heads-up as to what this Friday's "Fall of The Wall" entails.


There's never been anything quite like it.

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