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New Edition of Masks of Nyarlathotep Coming in...

19 Aug 2017 02:42 PM | PoC in MAIN

During a Chaosium-led panel at NecronomiCon 2017 this morning, MikeM announced that there will be a new (re-written) edition of the company's classic Call of Cthulhu campaign, Masks of Nyarlathotep.


Following Chaosium’s normal procedure no doubt expect this to be an extensive, glossy, full colour production. It will be designed for both the standard 7th edition CoC and Pulp Cthulhu rules sets.


For further information and news as it develops, see the following forum thread: Masks of Nyarlathotep - New 2018 Edition.

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Cthulhu Confidential: The House Up in the Hills

08 Aug 2017 04:45 PM | PoC in MAIN

Pelgrane Press have released their first standalone adventure for the Cthulhu Confidential RPG. The House Up in the Hills features one of the three principal characters from the core rulebook, Dex Raymond, as he investigates "...an odd automobile fatality..." in L.A. – things are never straightforward in Cthulhu Confidential...


The House Up in the Hills by Robin D. Laws is available from Pelgrane's web shop as a 42 page PDF, and features art by Christian Knutsson and Laura Martin.

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Achtung! Cthulhu Living Campaign

07 Aug 2017 05:08 PM | PoC in MAIN

Modiphius Entertainment have launched a "Living Campaign" for their Achtung! Cthulhu roleplaying game. The Living Campaign is free to join and promises that:


"Over the coming months we're unfolding a sinister plot across occupied territory and your group's actions could have a direct result on the course of the Secret War!"


Gamemasters will be asked "...to complete Section M debriefings telling us using a simple form what happened and this feedback will be used to change the plot as we go."


You can sign up to the Achtung! Cthulhu Living Campaign by visiting: Living Campaign Sign Up

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YSDC Games Day VI

07 Aug 2017 12:50 PM | PoC in MAIN

Tickets are now available forYSDC Games Day VI (and Games Night) - Yoggie's annual games gathering in historic Yorkshire.


Join us for another day of Cthulhu gaming fun. Note that this year's event has moved to Saturday, 28th October 2017.


The evening event will once more be held at the same location where we record The Cthulhu Breakfast Club and News from Pnakotus, featuring delightful comestibles to consume after a hard day battling the Mythos.


Why not join us if you can? It should be fun (again)!

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Down Darker Trails: Terrors of the Mythos in th...

03 Aug 2017 06:10 PM | PoC in MAIN

Chaosium are blazing saddles with their new Wild West supplement and source book for Call of CthulhuDown Darker Trails.

A departure from the usual CoC settings, Down Darker Trails from the pen of Kevin A. Ross and friends pits your investigators against the Mythos perils of the American West of the late 19th century. The book provides material on creating Old West characters, advice on creating adventures and details on two complete Old West towns, plus two introductory scenarios.

The PDF is out now with the print edition to follow as usual.

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