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  • Bhole vs Dhole
    Hmmmm, maybe they're two different creatures. Or maybe he just adapted the nsme because he li... - yogsothothandcthulhu Today, 08:13 PM

  • Bhole vs Dhole
    And to make things more confusing, HPL also referred to Frank Belknap Long's doels in "The Wh... - skaye Today, 08:12 PM

  • Avoiding madness with drugs?
    Like everyone said, yes I would. But then I would use it to introduce: Spoiler the Sense... - trevlix Today, 07:25 PM

  • Avoiding madness with drugs?
    If anyone PCs really get into street drugs, you can always have their dealer offer them Rever... - ElijahWhateley Today, 06:37 PM

  • BtMoM: Changes to the German 2.0 Edition
    Translated this from a german Cthulhu Wiki:   Major changes Compared To Beyond the... - Eudaimic Today, 06:11 PM

  • Eternal Lies Handouts - SPOILERS GMs only
    I've been doing a french 'medley' of the Savitree Journal. Great job Lisa. More confusion !!!... - Golgorosh Today, 04:32 PM

  • Bhole vs Dhole
    Haha, I could see Lovecraft reading the word Dhole and thinking to himself "hmmmm where have... - yogsothothandcthulhu Today, 03:53 PM

  • Bhole vs Dhole
    Still possibly a reference to Machen's dôls, even with the consonant shift. - AncientHistory Today, 03:16 PM

  • Avoiding madness with drugs?
    Some very interesting responses there, thank you. I'm certainly tempted to have the wrong sor... - BigJackBrass Today, 03:09 PM

  • Cthulhu: Strange Aeons Announced
    Any news on this? - HomoLupusDomesticus Today, 02:06 PM

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Yog Radio Archive

The Yog Radio series ran from September 2005 to October 2011, comprising of 50 shows with a host of interviews and features. Following is a listing of the entire series.

An archive of all episodes are available to YSDC Patrons.
Yog Radio #01
In this first episode we say "Hello", talk about YSDC News and forum posts, review FFG's Arkham Horror and discuss the latest Chaosium News. All entangled with gamer chit-chat... Running time: 01:38:25

Yog Radio #02
A monster second episode with Paul and Fin, we talk about more YSDC News and forum posts, review eM4's Ludus Gladiatorious, Cthulhu dice bags and interview the HPLHS! Again all entangled with gamer chit-chat... Running time: 02:22:08

Yog Radio #03
"Duvet Edition" A thankfully shorter episode with Paul and Fin and Neil. A Halloween 2005 (under the covers) Special with more YSDC News, and forum topics. Lots of audio feedback this episode with a bonus advance track from Musica Cthulhiana. A quick review of FFG's Call of Cthulhu CCG. All intermixed with gamer chit-chat... Running time: 41:44

Yog Radio #04
"Eerie Cave edition". Fourth show, fourth experimental audio set-up and music from: Musica Cthulhiana: The Fourth. We were hoping for a "normal" show, but we're still working out what that is.... Part 2 review of FFG's Call of Cthulhu CCG and Dagon Industries mechandise. Running time: 01:77:18

Yog Radio #05
Dragonmeet 2005 Special. A field recording of the London games convention held every December at Kensington Town Hall. In Yog Radio #5 we interview Call of Cthulhu author Marcus L. Rowland and listen in on a Yog Meet... Running time: 44:42

Yog Radio #06
Christmas 2005 edition. The usual mix of news and banter along with some festive Cthulhu carols courtesy of the fine folks at the HPLHS! Running time: 01:01:21

Yog Radio #07
New Year 2006 edition. Featuring an interview with Sandy Petersen and our first competition! Running time: 02:10:55

Yog Radio #08
February 2006 edition. Featuring an interview with Monte Cook, the results of our first competition. Running time: 02:04:47

Yog Radio #09
March 2006 edition. Supposedly Spring in Bradford. The results of our Musica Cthulhiana competition and featuring music by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Running time: 01:47:01

Yog Radio #10
April 2006 edition. Released in the nick of time! Marking our entry into double figures and featuring "A Shoggoth Speaks" by Mike Mason. Running time: 01:35:32

Yog Radio #11
May 2006 edition. Return of the Terror-ble Trio! Featuring an interview with Metal tribute band, Iron-on Maiden. Running time: 02:12:45

Yog Radio #12
June 2006 edition. Fantastic Films Weekend Special. Featuring interviews with Tony Earnshaw (FFW organiser), Julian Richards (Darklands), Robert Fuest (Phibes) and Robin Hardy (The Wicker Man). Running time: 02:11:01