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  • Published scenarios vs your own?
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H.P. Twittercraft

Table 7

Table 7 is Paul's personal video blog (Vlog) where he talks about a range of subjects, including and beyond YSDC.


The videos are recorded using 360ยบ cameras and are typically less than 10 minutes long.


The views expressed in this series are Paul's own and do not necessarily reflect those of Yog-Sothoth or other members of YSDC.

Paul is also aware that he's talking primarily to himself and writing this in the third person...


The entries begin with an unusually lengthy video, introducing the format and content.


If the video looks strangely warped it may be because the Vlogs are typically recorded in 360/VR format and need a suitable (COFI) browser to be viewed properly. Alternatively it may be just that Paul's done something weird to the video again.


To view the series, access the Table 7 Playlist or click on the picture below.

Posted Image