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    I have been known to have investigators find a grimoire in a library (or wherever) that was a... - carpocratian Today, 05:50 AM

  • Published scenarios vs your own?
    I may have run one published rpg adventure/module/scenario, way back in the early 80s (most l... - carpocratian Today, 05:44 AM

  • CoC Soviet Union
    I spent a pretty horrific 6 weeks in Bucharest, Romania right after they killed Ceaucescu.... - carpocratian Today, 05:31 AM

  • Published scenarios vs your own?
    I've always run only my own scenarios. I would run published scenarios too, if circumstances... - MrHandy Today, 01:54 AM

  • Island of R'yleh
    I'd like to run a one shot involving the island of R'yleh briefly rising in the 1920s and I... - dce Today, 12:15 AM

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H.P. Twittercraft


Live streams from YSDC.


We've used many different platforms over the years to provide realtime feeds directly from Innsmouth House or while out on location.


Currently we make use of Twitter Live video and the feeds can be watched on Twitter via the following accounts:

For Public Broadcasts


Anyone can view these when we broadcast via: @YSDC


For Private Broadcasts


For our site Patrons, private broadcasts can be viewed via: @YSDCPatron (Periscope)


Please note, to access the @YSDCPatron Twitter feed you must already have requested to follow the account and been approved.


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