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Eldritch Film Society

Eldritch Film is a YSDC Studio series dedicated to the creation of Lovecraftian storytelling through the medium of the moving image.


The Eldritch Film Society is a select group focused on making short independent features for the enjoyment of fellow EFS members, often using recording and production techniques beyond the usual flat and bounded presentations we see every day.


Our first forays into the craft included: The Importance of Being Eldritch - Part 1: Liber Magna Oculara and Part 2: Axis Mundi.


Discussion and viewing of EFS works take place in the Cthulhu Breakfast Club forum. YSDC Patrons as well as "Breakfast Clubbers" are automatically members of the Society.

The Eldritch Film Society


The YSDC Lovecraftian film-making group, based principally in the heights of Yorkshire, make eclectic creations beyond the mainstream with an eye to the weird, paranormal and outré.


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