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Cthulhu Breakfast Club

"Choose your programmes as carefully as you choose which theatre to go to."

- Good Listening, BBC 1930.


The Cthulhu Breakfast Club is a YSDC Studio series where Yoggie hosts meet in the convivial surroundings of Yorkshire tea rooms.


Pull up a chair and join Marty Jopson, Jon Hancock, Chris Lackey, Paul Maclean, Fin Patterson and Val Robertson as they talk about games, Lovecraftiana and other things of interest.

The Club meets approximately monthly in Pickles Tea Rooms in Baildon. This is the same location where the YSDC Game Nights are held.


The CBC meetings are occasionally broadcast live. The archive recordings are available to CBC Patreon supporters and Yoggie Patrons.


Patrons and Patreons can also access extras (video clips, additional information, commentary, notes etc.) in the dedicated CBC forum.


So come join us at our table, we've been expecting you...




With thanks to our Kickstarter backers, including:
Adam Alexander, Andrew Gatlin, Simon Davey, Ingrid Lind-Jahn, Steve Mumford, Chris Miles, Lee Carnell, Chris Jarocha-Ernst, Brian Overton, Robert Freeborn, David Lai, Antony Brown, Jon Arlov, Emma Marlow, David Corner, Shane McGovern, John Fiala, Jeffrey Vandine, Jason Thompson, William Stowers, Matthew Gregory, Jason Denen, Neil McGurk, Ralph Shelton, John Shimmin, Philip Tillsley, Gregg Helmberger, NecronomiCon PVD, Tom Lynch, Lisa Padol, Mark Bussey, Sean Mulhern, Viv Dunstan, Padraic Barrett, Tom Ryan, Charles Engan, Tony Gaitskell, Michael Bowman, Chitin Proctor, Keith Maddocks, Hugh Jesseman, Graeme Rigg, Chris Crockett, Søren Hagge, Joe Collins, Chris Birch, Patrik Olsson, Justin Woodman, Björn Carlsson, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Christopher Suarez, Gary Lante, Tyrel Lohr, James Pierson, Breon Halling, Andy Southall, Louise Strickland, Stephen Perkins, Jonathan Keim, Justin Burt, Timothy Reynolds, Umberto Lenzi, Peter Regan, Alex Moore, Ken Doyle, Paul Snow, Steve Dempsey and Sandy Petersen


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