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  • Use of Assess Honesty: Automaticity
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Pinned  YSDC Studio - Our Media Shows

18 Aug 2013 04:58 PM | PoC in Shows

YSDC STUDIO is the umbrella name for our media series dealing with all aspects of the Lovecraftian and the esoteric, this includes our Breakfast Club and News from Pnakotus shows.


From October 2004 onwards we have podcast productions for an audience that stretches from pole to pole. For our sins we are also the UK's longest-serving podcasters.

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Eldritch Film Society

27 Dec 2017 02:47 PM | PoC in Shows

Eldritch Film is a YSDC Studio series dedicated to the creation of Lovecraftian storytelling through the medium of the moving image.


The Eldritch Film Society is a select group focused on making short independent features for the enjoyment of fellow EFS members, often using recording and production techniques beyond the usual flat and bounded presentations we see every day.


Our first forays into the craft included: The Importance of Being Eldritch - Part 1: Liber Magna Oculara and Part 2: Axis Mundi.


Discussion and viewing of EFS works take place in the Cthulhu Breakfast Club forum. YSDC Patrons as well as "Breakfast Clubbers" are automatically members of the Society.

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Starry Wisdom

24 Aug 2016 01:10 PM | PoC in Shows

Starry Wisdom is a Sunday night show transmitted live from the heart of Innsmouth House where Paul (PoC) and friends talk about all manner of things (that you could talk about in polite company), including YSDC and beyond.


The stream beams out LIVE into the aether about 9pm (UK time) one Sunday a month.


The views expressed in Starry Wisdom are the hosts' own and do not necessarily reflect those of Yog-Sothoth or other members of YSDC.

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Cthulhu Breakfast Club

23 May 2015 06:03 PM | PoC in Shows

"Choose your programmes as carefully as you choose which theatre to go to."

- Good Listening, BBC 1930.


The Cthulhu Breakfast Club is a YSDC Studio series where Yoggie hosts meet in the convivial surroundings of Yorkshire tea rooms.


Pull up a chair and join Marty Jopson, Chris Lackey, Paul Maclean, Fin Patterson and Val Robertson as they talk about games, Lovecraftiana and other things of interest in a jovial fashion. Please be aware that the meetings contain tea room banter.

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YSDC Podcasting Equipment 2014

23 Jan 2014 11:00 AM | PoC in Shows

In the previous two instalments I described YSDC’s podcasting equipment for both our main “magazine” podcasts and for our mobile and game recordings.


As 2014 marks a full decade of continuous podcasting from Yog-Sothoth I thought I’d round off this triptych of articles describing a few updates to our systems and the inclusion of our move into producing more video.

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