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  • Terrible Hound in the Dark Woods
    On that note, you could use "The Howler" sonnet from "Fungi from Yuggoth" for inspiration.... - TMS Today, 07:56 PM

  • Terrible Hound in the Dark Woods
    How about a dog-thing? Like Brown Jenkin, only much larger. - Nightbreed24 Today, 05:49 PM

  • CoC Music?
    One thing I experimented with (inconclusively) was creating playlists before a session and se... - skaye Today, 05:45 PM

  • CoC Music?
    Soundtracks are an important part of my games   For calm moments and public places I emp... - maglaurus Today, 04:44 PM

  • CoC Music?
    I don't actually use music during gaming, but I have used it while writing or brain-storming... - yronimoswhateley Today, 04:00 PM

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YSDC Server Fundraiser 2014

To cut a fairly short story even shorter, it turns out that after many years "Olde Yoggie" is in need of a server upgrade (we've tried every trick to stave it off, but at some point you have to bite the bullet).

It's never a cheap thing to do a server upgrade, so to help raise a few funds towards it I'm auctioning off two Call of Cthulhu manuscripts from my shelves: Trail of Tsathoggua and Goatswood...

If you're interested in owning some original pieces of Call of Cthulhu history, then head over to the Yoggie forums now (until 2nd May).
Trail of Tsathoggua Manuscript

Keith "Doc" Herber's manuscript for Trail of Tsathoggua. This original ms. is some 300 pages long and features extensive corrections and annotations in Keith's own hand.

Trail of Tsathoggua

Goatswood and Less Pleasant Places Manuscript

A very extensive set of manuscripts from Scott David Aniolowski, Kevin Ross, Richard Watts and others for Ramsey Campbell's Goatswood and Less Pleasant Places. It also comes with copies of correspondence between SDA, Ramsey Campbell and others about the book's development.

* Also includes a manuscript for Richard Watts' seminal Love's Lonely Children scenario *

Goatswood and Less Pleasant Places Manuscript

Don't want to bid, but would like to help with a little donation? I've removed the Collection Box target for the rest of April.

Thank you for any support you can give.