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YSDC Games Day VI

Tickets are now available forYSDC Games Day VI (and Games Night) - Yoggie's annual games gathering in historic Yorkshire.


Join us for another day of Cthulhu gaming fun. Note that this year's event has moved to Saturday, 28th October 2017.


The evening event will once more be held at the same location where we record The Cthulhu Breakfast Club and News from Pnakotus, featuring delightful comestibles to consume after a hard day battling the Mythos.


Why not join us if you can? It should be fun (again)!

YSDC Games Day VI


Meet up with old friends and make some [just as great] new ones! The “Sanity Rolls” service returns, including bespoke sandwiches delivered to your games table along with a range of delicious and freshly baked goods to feast upon.


Due to venue capacities, tickets are strictly limited.


Games Day VI tickets and Games Night tickets via the Yoggie's online shop.