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YSDC 15 and The Masks Companion

"Yoggie" is 15 years old today (we celebrated on The Silver Lodge show and had a small cake - as you can see below).


Rather than go over the old "we made it through another year" sentiment I thought we'd do something different. To mark a decade and a half of the web site we're offering up a gift: the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion.


Yes, that legendary, gargantuan, publication designed to help you run your Masks campaign is now available for you to download and enjoy from YSDC. Happy birthday!

Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion


This publication has a long and varied history. It was originally anticipated to be a benefit publication for YSDC (as a Call of Cthulhu MULA monograph) with the payment going to help keep Yoggie online. However after six and a half years it had reached a state of production limbo, which seemed grossly unfair as it meant that all the brilliant, creative work and effort that had gone into it was not being seen.


So we pulled the trigger.


What is available for download here can be considered version 0.9 of the Companion. Adam Crossingham of Sixtystone Press is currently doing sterling work finishing the last edit and finalising the layout of the 550 page beast.


We hope you enjoy the book and accept its contents with our gratitude for your support of a venerable web site. Thank you.


The 0.9 beta release is no longer available. See Sixtystone Press for further details.


Once again our thanks are due to the many, many fine people involved in creating the Companion, especially Bret Kramer (WinstonP) who masterminded it all and ushered the project through six long years of development!


We've also created a "Snag List" thread if anyone wants to help find the last remaining typos, etc.