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Yog Radio Show Archive Re-released!

We said in our Cthulhu Breakfast Club Mics Kickstarter that if we made our original funding goal we would re-release the entire Yog Radio show archive as a thank you.


Yesterday we hit that funding goal and so as promised, all 50 episodes of our award-winning podcast show are back on public release [Update] now finally retired.


So if you fancy a nostalgia-fest (and the chance to listen to the excellent interviewees we had on Yog Radio) - you can now access the shows freely and forever. All thanks to our wonderful backers for our latest podcast, The Cthulhu Breakfast Club.


There's still time to support The Cthulhu Breakfast Club Mics Kickstarter (runs until 5th June) which offers a range of both immediate and long-term benefits.


Anyway, we hope you enjoy listening to our first magazine format podcast, which includes the infamous "Duvet" episode (#03) ... ;-)



The Yog Radio series ran from September 2005 to October 2011, comprising of 50 shows and featuring a host of interviews, features and topical chit-chat.


A full listing of the podcasts can be found within the Yog Radio Archive pages.


The Yog Radio series contains many interviews with the great and the good of the Cthulhu gaming and Lovecraftian fandom worlds (along with some more unusual subjects) and represents a five year snapshot of one of the earlier podcast series still available on the web.


We hope you enjoy them and ten years on - do try our our new series, The Cthulhu Breakfast Club!


Yog Radio 03 - Recording Setup


Aren't rediscovered archives of lost lore and madness a very clear no-no in a Lovecraftian universe?  What madness have you unleashed, Paul??? ;)

It seemed only fitting. ;-)

Lost Sojourner
03 Jun 2015 03:39 AM

Is there any chance of hooking the re-released archive in an easy to transfer RSS feed?