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The Whisperer in Wax - Returns

Over five years ago (indeed, March 2011) we produced a quite unique object in the world of Lovecraftian props - an actual wax cylinder recording made to fit with one of H.P. Lovecraft's most famous tales, The Whisperer in Darkness. We sold out of our original run a long time ago but in resurrecting our little shop of cosmic horrors we decided to bring this item back to wonderful waxy life.


The Whisperer in Darkness cylinder is available to purchase once again (in very limited numbers) and is just waiting for a spin on your mandrel! If you don't own a cylinder player (though I know some here actually do), then you can see the wax cylinder in action, coutresy of The British Library.


Never mind the "Vinyl Revival", show your friends what real audio history is made of! ;-)

The Whisperer in Wax


"It is more than two years now since I last ran off that blasphemous waxen cylinder; but at this moment, and at all other moments, I can still hear that feeble, fiendish buzzing as it reached me for the first time...."


Now you can possess the auditory evidence from H.P. Lovecraft's classic story, The Whisperer in Darkness, with YSDC's very own wax cylinder! This is the first Lovecraftian wax cylinder recording ever produced and makes a magnificent prop for your Cthulhu games or a wonderful talking point at parties, convocations and cult meetings...


The exclusive Whisperer in Darkness cylinder is a genuine wax cylinder featuring a recording made to complement HPL's tale of cosmic horror. To see (and hear) it being played, watch the following video (about 8m:40s in).


Pick it up in the Yoggie shoppe while stocks last - delivery costs already included.


... and of course if you're a YSDC Patron you automatically get 10% off items in the Yoggie Shoppe!

when the page first loaded I thought it was a craft beer.  in a can. 

I love this welcome addition to my small collection of Wax Cylinders that I play on my 1917 Edison Amberola player. Nothing says vintage more than, well, vintage...


Many thanks for bringing this back into press.

16 Mar 2017 04:57 PM

Mine arrived today. And now the search begins for something to play it with...

Mine arrived today. And now the search begins for something to play it with...

Please do keep us informed! I'd love to know how you get on.


I've considered constructing some kind of Lego-based rotary system - but people with more practical know-how may be better at that than me!