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The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby

Something new for us, the move into scenario publication through Innsmouth House Press.

The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby is a Trail of Cthulhu scenario from the talented pen of Adam Gauntlett (Not So Quiet, Sisters of Sorrow and others).

By special licence from Pelgrane Press we are now able to produce Trail scenarios in support of "Olde Yoggie" (thank you Simon Rogers, Adam and Pelgrane).

If you're a Bookhounds of London fan, then you'll find this scenario is compatible with that campaign.

All profits go directly to YSDC, so step up and support your favourite web site! (...or perhaps at least this one, anyway. ;-))
The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby

We lead many lives...

"Praise be to Her!" is the last thing Bigsby says. But who is Bigsby? What does he want? Why would anyone want to kill him?

These are the questions you must answer, and quickly. Else you might find out what's hiding behind the Green Door ...

A Trail of Cthulhu scenario, compatible with Bookhounds of London, by the author of Pelgrane's Not So Quiet, Sisters of Sorrow, and other chilling tales!

Available as a 30 page PDF from Innsmouth House.

Price: £4


Great idea and wonderful that Adam wrote it. I'll pick up a copy in a bit.

Congratulations and thanks to all involved - just reading through my copy now :)

Done! Great way to support you btw!

Great news roll on payday :)

When are the download links being sent out? - I'm sure Azimuth's comments are spot on.

You can pick up the download immediately after payment.

If you missed your link (displayed on the completion page) check in your Client Area - located under the drop down menu below your username in the top right of the site.

I think I found it via clicking the 'Invoice' link in the email that arrived, then finding the Purchases page from there; as I recall, the completion page I got said that it was waiting on a manual action and I should check for an email.


Anyhow, having read the scenario, I think it looks great; pleasingly and clearly laid out. As for the story itself, I love the main idea, and the amount of 'set dressing' and background information provided should help GMs to conjure up a rich world and have some fun. Hopefully I'll get a chance to run this for the group I'm in sometime soon.

I had the same instruction last night when i bought it. Something along the lines of "you'll get an e-mail once the order has been manually processed." Never though of looking at the purchases tab. Learning curve I reckon.


First quick glance it looks very good - as you's expect from such an august and worthy establishment ass YSDC , Innsmouth Press and Adam Gauntlett.

Yoggie Patrons can listen to an interview I did with Adam last year.


Adam Gauntlett Interview


The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby is also now available via DriveThruRPG/RPGNow etc.

Geek Native has posted a review of The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby.


There's also a review on DriveThruRPG.

Just announced a limited print edition.

Print edition has arrived.