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    Oh yes, my favourite mangaka is Junji Ito. He's the best in the Seinin Horror business. Per... - DeUniversumMysteriis Today, 09:53 AM

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  • The Haunting
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    The only armed investigator of my group (a Private Detective) has 12 bullets for his revolver... - DeUniversumMysteriis Today, 08:07 AM

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The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby - Print Edition

Wait, wasn't there a news item already about The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby? Why yes, but this time it's to say that we now have a very limited, signed, numbered and sealed print edition available directly from Innsmouth House.

Limited to 50 copies and featuring material not available in the PDF edition (including a rather nice A3 [11.5"x16.5"] period colour map). You can pick it up now while stocks last!
The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby

We lead many lives...

"Praise be to Her!" is the last thing Bigsby says. But who is Bigsby? What does he want? Why would anyone want to kill him?

These are the questions you must answer, and quickly. Else you might find out what's hiding behind the Green Door ...

A Trail of Cthulhu scenario, compatible with Bookhounds of London, by the author of Pelgrane's Not So Quiet, Sisters of Sorrow, and other chilling tales!
  • Limited to 50 signed* and numbered copies.
  • 44 pages.
  • Additional illustrations.
  • Spiral bound A4 format on high quality 280 gsm paper stock.
  • Acetate front cover.
  • Separate handouts including: A3 colour period map of Soho, multiple A5 letters from ********* ******* *** ***** exclusive to this print edition.
  • Sealed with the Seal of Yog-Sothoth.
*Signature will either be that of the author or the publisher (random selection).

"A great Trail of Cthulhu adventure, filled with wonderful potential for confusion and insanity." – Geek Native

“A most remarkable and strange adventure - 5/5" – DriveThruRPG

Price: £15



Tony Williams
26 Mar 2014 12:29 PM

Just received mine - lovely, attractive but clear layout. Very thick paper stock. Nice production values.


Will probably be running it over Easter.

Just to echo Tony's comments, the print version looks and feels fantastic; the high-quality paper means that you get sharp, crystal-clear print, and the additional photographs in this version are reproduced beautifully. The spiral binding allows the pages to open out and remain flat, handy for GMs, and it's a nice touch to have another copy of the Soho map on the back cover so both the GM and the players can refer to it. A cracking job, I'd say - definitely recommended.

Thirded; very happy with my package :)

All copies of the print edition have now gone!

Any way for PDF purchasers to ever get the handouts?
Sorry, the handouts were a limited edition print exclusive.