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The Importance of Being Eldritch: Axis Mundi

Back in April we released our first Lovecraftian short film - The Importance of Being Eldritch: Liber Magna Oculara. It was very much a "Part 1" with a promised "Part 2" - well, the wait for the story's conclusion is over!

Like the first instalment, The Importance of Being Eldritch: Axis Mundi is a silent short - simply because it removes a raft of production issues. So, if you enjoyed Part 1, we hope you find Part 2 as much fun to watch as it was to make (recorded straight after Cthulhu Breakfast Club 2).

We can wholeheartedly recommend grabbing a camera and going out and filming something with friends. It's amazing what you can do with no budget and a modicum of creativity!

Yes, we may have a combined age of well over a hundred but it's rather freeing when you decide to just "film like you're fourteen" and come up with a plot and props in a Cormanesque manner. ;-)

Anyway, here you go... (now in the Patron archives)



Fin has found his true vocation, his channelling of an enthralled hench-person to the ancient and evil cosmic powers is inspired. Val once again proves why she was cast in the lead role, continuing her ground-breaking portrayal of the Mythos Investigator.


The ultimate fate of Val's character is a timely warning to all that would delve into things best forgotten.


Thoroughly enjoyed both parts of this film, with the second instalment being my favourite - great fun and a nicely polished production all round.

Thank you Lee!