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Trepan's The Haunted Clubhouse

The first publication from a new Call of Cthulhu publisher, The Haunted Clubhouse by Trepan.


The Haunted Clubhouse is described as "...a lethal and harrowing Call of Cthulhu roleplaying adventure intended for two to four players over one or more gaming sessions."


Ostensibly set in the modern day, the scenario can easily be adapted to other eras, such as the 1920s.


The Haunted Clubhouse is available from DriveThruRPG with POD softcover options promised soon.


WinstonP highlighted this new release in the forum.

The Haunted Clubhouse


The Little Play House of Horrors


The cozy nook of Lincoln, New Hampshire seems a safe place to live, nestled amidst beautiful and scenic lush mountainous landscapes, splashed with the green, yellow and red colours of late Fall.


In the surrounding forests a dark secret beyond the comprehension and understanding of mere humanity waits patiently. And childhood innocence will be taken as its horrors are unleashed upon unsuspecting victims.


Will they survive that which stalks the Clubhouse?


The Haunted Clubhouse is a lethal and harrowing Call of Cthulhu roleplaying adventure intended for two to four players over one or more gaming sessions. Players may utilise the supplied pre-generated characters or create their own characters to tackle the horrors that wait within these pages.


The scenario is written for a modern day setting but details are included allowing it to be easily adapted to the 1920s era. It can be utilised as a stand-alone adventure or inserted as a branch to an ongoing campaign. Caution, courage and quick thinking will be necessary to ensure survival is achieved in this deadly and dread-inducing scenario.


Author: Leigh Carr, Artist: Enmanuel Martinez


Source: http://www.drivethru...unted-Clubhouse


Price: £3.56 PDF, 23 pages