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The Great Old Ones Return - Sandy Petersen Interview

With the news of the return to Chaosium of both Greg Stafford and Sandy Petersen, I took the opportunity to speak to Sandy about this surprising turn of events.


What follows is a 20 minute interview where Sandy talks about his and Greg's return, how it came about and what it means for Chaosium Inc and Call of Cthulhu.


This may be something you want to hear.

Sandy Petersen - Chaosium 2015 Interview



Thanks again to Sandy for making the time to talk to us.


Chad Out of Space
09 Jun 2015 04:08 PM

Brilliant interview. Thank you, Paul, for getting this together and posting so quickly. Thank you to Sandy for your candor. 

It was a very pleasant surprise to get so much information and specifics on how this change in management occurred.  Thanks Paul, for putting this together.

Excellent interview, thanks!

Great stuff! His referring to fellow RPGers as "peers" rather than just fans says it all.

Sandy of course makes things easy by being an excellent interviewee!


A quick heads-up. If you're a Yoggie Patron you can now watch a post-interview chat I had with Sandy where he talks about the Cthulhu Wars expansion sets miniatures as well as revealing design concepts for the Glorantha-based board game, The Gods War.



Great interview. Thanks for posting it. Thanks to Sandy for sharing the information.


Couple notes as a freelancer: I'm working with Nick N. to get some glitches in the Madness on the Orient Express print file fixed. Communication has been terrific. Priorities are the two Kickstarters, but we've also had some brief conversations on how to improve things with the fiction line going forward and potential projects. In other words, I'm seeing as a freelancer exactly what Sandy described in the interview.

Is there a transcript?  That would be easier for me to absorb.  Thanks.

10 Jun 2015 08:53 AM

Yes. He comes across well, in terms of reflecting the concerns of the kickstarter backers, and as a general enthusiast. 


The most interesting thing I got was that there is indeed a mindset towards bringing back some famous titles lost to Chaosium over the years - Glorantha/RuneQuest and Pendragon. I don’t think we should expect to see this happen very soon, as the kick-starters and CoC needs to get back on track as a priority, while there may be some difficulties in trying to pull together different companies even if Greg is the IP owner (I thought that this was bought out by Moon design recently, though I may be mistaken). 


There was also the talk about BRP, but for me a lot of the issues it’s always had since its inception is the competition it has had with the republished RuneQuest engine. This is currently in it’s 6E, licensed to The Design Mechanism, and for my money a much more polished and dynamic version of the same system. Maybe the two lines could consolidate at last into one line? Maybe the whole Moorecockian Multiverse (Stormbringer, etc) could be brought back into the fold too, noting TDM’s imminent new release of Luther Arkwright? Who knows. 


I do support the Chaosium company, and wish it the best. I just don’t see a lot of issues being solved overnight. And I wish I could see a better return on the kickstarter stuff I backed over the last couple of years, regardless. 

Excellent interview, and lots of great news.  Answered many of my questions about what has been going on, and how and why.  Thanks for doing the reporting, and to Sandy for being so open, and such an effective communicator. 

Very cool interview, thanks to Sandy and Paul for their time. I'm really happy with this change of management. 


However, with all due respect, I don't quite agree with Sandy's position on Call of Cthulhu 7 being a  mere reprint. 

Chaosium clearance sale just started. Good move. Chaosium at least shouldn't compete against OLGS in selling mythos boardgames.


Kinda crazy to think that if Cthulhu Wars didn't fund, Sandy might not have the experience to lend to resolving the Chaosium KS projects.

Design Mechanism's RQ6 is the best edition published IMO, and Moon Design has realised Glorantha in much more detail than ever before. Consolidating these would be great, but I would hate to see either of them flounder if Chaosium took control of these licences. The same writers need to be involved to keep the creativity and momentum going But always good to see Sandy Petersen, he's still full of ideas

This is a fantastic interview and really went a long way towards laying my anxieties to rest.


The actions that have followed such as the clearance sale and the release of the digital CoC files is also good news. Those are the actions that support the words. Both are obviously intended to raise cash, but the clearance (as already noted) should help them focus on their core business.

A great Interview and covered a lot of ground where I had questions and uncertainties.

27 Jun 2015 04:58 PM

i can hope something will now be done about this grand tragedy that is Cthulhu. Such a rich world, and there has been so very few products. Even fewer that have been available to someone not allowed a creditcard but forced to go to shops that dont even take in everything.

There are hundreds of products for Call of Cthulhu, just not all of them are currently in print.