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The Fall of The Wall: The Greatest Call of Cthulhu Sale in History

After 35 years I’m putting my entire Call of Cthulhu collection up for sale. It’s the “Fall” of my “Wall” of [Call of] Cthulhu.


It’s all going.


All of it.




Read on...

You may have read about the recent turn of events regarding the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion Kickstarter. In the end we returned £10,000 to ensure its completion - monies originally earmarked for “Olde Yoggie” to help keep us in good stead. Unfortunately that didn’t pan out as planned, and as a result I had to consider how to fill some of that new hole in the coffers.


I started collecting Call of Cthulhu in 1982, just a year after the game came out. I remember the first thing I ever purchased was the Shadows of Yog-Sothoth campaign. Collecting for me (like many others) was an expression of love and admiration. Sandy Petersen’s creation was, and remains, a masterpiece - supported and empowered by the many who followed. However with the creation of YSDC (now in its 20th year) my love for the game has evolved from simply being a collector to being part of this vibrant and wonderfully creative community. To see members of Yog-Sothoth share their enthusiasm (for all Lovecraftian games), support each other and enjoy those games (even record and podcast them), is a great feeling, one that far outweighs any number of books and boxes on the shelves behind me.


- and so I am selling my collection, one that has taken me more than three decades to acquire - a major investment in time, money and dogged determination - but what a collection it is! To my knowledge it is the most extensive archive of Call of Cthulhu material anywhere in the world. What’s in it? Pretty much everything for the game. Here’s a list that goes up to only 2005 for example (then add on another decade or so).



As a collector, the condition follows suit.


I will not say it has been the easiest of decisions to make, but I look to the bigger picture, better to release the collection for the benefit of this community, to replenish the bulwark against times ahead, so we all have somewhere to gather, discuss, chat, help and support each other - that is far better than simply having a set of inanimate paper and ink sitting silently on a shelf.


So what next?


From today (Friday, 23rd June) and for the next week, I will be entertaining any offers for my complete Call of Cthulhu collection. I realise this is an unlikely prospect (few people want to go from 0->100 in one go) but I’m willing to be surprised. If no sale has been agreed then the following week I will begin the process of selling off items individually. Look out for a special thread in the Arkham Market Square forum with more extensive details.


I know this may seem a sad state of affairs to some, but on reflection, to me it is not. In fact I have never been in a more positive frame of mind, the well-wishes, outpouring of support and sheer camaraderie of my fellow “Yoggies” has been incredible these past few days, and that means more to both me and Helen than you could know.


I am grateful for this community and everyone in it.


*Thank you*


I am very glad to share one of those demonstrations of support, with Mark Morrison (HotOE author/Campaign Coins Brand Manager), making the following offer:

From now until the end of the month use the code YOGGIE10 at check-out when picking up an Innsmouth Gold 10-Pack from Campaign Coins and you’ll receive a $1.50 discount. At the same time Campaign Coins will donate $5 to YSDC for every one of those YOGGIE10 Innsmouth Gold packs sold (limited to 100 purchased packs).
Thank you, Mark!

In case anybody wondered about your level of commitment to this here website.....

Well, I just bought some Innsmouth Gold!


Dang, I wish I could lay out the cash for the full bundle.

Thank you!

I sure can't afford the whole collection (and in fact, I have about 2/3rds of it already), but you have some items there that are making me drool... After payday, I'll definitely pick up some Innsmouth Gold!


My immediate thought was: surely a collection like this should be obtained by a library?  This site is full of librarians.  I will put out feelers but doubt I have the right connections. 


Is it worth you mentioning it to the BL Paul?  They are after all a copyright library, and coverage of RPG material in libraries currently seems to be dismal.


Update: I've spread it to everyone I can immediately think of and asked them to pass the word on.

I would be delighted if it ended up in a library (would seem quite fitting considering the material).
23 Jun 2017 08:31 PM
From now until midnight on Sunday night, every physical copy bought of The Things We Leave Behind will see $10 donated to Yoggie and every PDF will see $5 donated.

Love the Yoggie.

With love from me and Stygian Fox 🦊 Publishing


As much as a few items there spark my longing (though there'd be stiff competition for them, I think), I have to endorse the idea of them ending up in a library.

Steph- thank you. You don't have to do this. But thank you.

I'm really, really sad to read that you feel you have to do this, Paul. :(


They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so i'm swiping Stephanie and Mark's idea:


From now until midnight Sunday (PST), anyone who purchases a copy of the Feed the Shoggoth! card game will get $5 off their purchase, and every copy sold will get $5 donated in their name to YSDC. Use the coupon code during check out: YOGGIE17


You can get your copy at http://www.feedtheshoggoth.com. The storefront is only set up for US customers only right now: if you're in UK/Europe, shoot me an email at badger@squamousstudios.con, and i'll get you hooked up.





To help YSDC defray expenses on the Masks Companion, Chaosium is going to cover the cost of printing our own royalty copies. 


To recoup that printing cost, we have been permitted to print an agreed number of additional copies, beyond the 80 we have remaining.


Our copies will be available via DriveThruRPG soon. We will give plenty of notice about the release date.


MOB, Chaosium Inc.

Are you all trying to make me cry? Well, it worked. I am overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank you all.
24 Jun 2017 07:53 AM

Are you all trying to make me cry? 


noooooooooo! :(

Just signed up as a Patron, hope it helps.

Just wanted to extend my appreciation to Steph, Badger and Chaosium for their generosity. Time to do some browsing.

Roleplaying games are worthy of academic study, is there a university or a foundation that would care to bid for the whole collection?


Does anyone know of a group that buys humanities collections for study/archival research?

Roleplaying games are worthy of academic study, is there a university or a foundation that would care to bid for the whole collection?


Does anyone know of a group that buys humanities collections for study/archival research?


I'm trying to circulate this amongst as many academic librarians as I can - the more the merrier!

24 Jun 2017 02:21 PM

I don't want to sound too negative on the academic library idea, cos yes I'd love to see this collection go to a library too. But universities are generally incredibly tight on money at the moment, especially for humanities. It's unlikely a university library could offer much money, if anything at all, for even a large collection like this. Which since Paul wants to use it to release equity for Yoggie long-term future would be a no hoper. A private foundation might be a better option in terms of financial recompense, but I'd hope they would come with suitable access facilities, for anyone wanting to consult the collection.


Just some thoughts, from an academic historian, and book historian, who is painfully aware of the academic funding crisis, especially in humanities :(

24 Jun 2017 02:40 PM

I'll support the cause.  Use YOGGIE99 at www.cthulhucrate.com and we will donate 15% off to the cause here. (about $11 - $131 per subscriber depending on what they buy).  The customer will get an additional 5% off the crate.  We hope that helps you get to your goal!  We support our own...

These are all in the States, and as yockenthwaite notes it's not a great time for academic funding, but if Paul does have to donate his collection:




I don't want to sound too negative on the academic library idea, cos yes I'd love to see this collection go to a library too. But universities are generally incredibly tight on money at the moment, especially for humanities


Yes, I know :( it's rubbish. It's the best I could come up with though.  I mean ideally I'd love to see a benefactor step up to purchase it for a research library, but we all know gamers are notoriously wealthy... a foundation would be great, but I'm not currently aware of anything suitable.


EDIT: sudden, possibly utterly insane thought: I wonder if one could crowdsource funding to buy the collection for, say, the British Library?  Though obviously I realise Paul may not be feeling kindly towards crowdsourcing at the moment.



Please email me.  I have a friend who is interested in making an offer for the entire collection.



Hi Allan,


Dropped you an email.