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  • The Haunting
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  • The Haunting
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The Cthulhu Breakfast Club with Mike Mason

The September 2017 meeting of The Cthulhu Breakfast Club sees your hosts joined by guest, MikeM, Call of Cthulhu Line Developer for Chaosium Inc. We ply Mike with various herbal infusions to get him to tell us all about the new edition of Masks of Nyarlathotep, Gotham, and what went on at NecronomiCon 2017.


There may also have been a longer-than-intended segment on Lovecraftian leather...


To celebrate Mike being our guest this month, this recording of the CBC was freely available for its first week or so.


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The Cthulhu Breakfast Club - Sep 2017 (A Tale of Lovecraftian Leather)


CBC, Sep 2017 Leather Docs

Retired to CBC archives.


Bookmarked AAC audio with links (if you have a suitable podcast player). Recorded at Pickles' Tea Rooms, Baildon, with just a hint of autumn in the air.


For more about The Cthulhu Breakfast Club, see: http://www.yog-sothoth.com/cbc


Mockman's *Dreamlands* game! Not Deadlands! ;D 

For the curious, there are scans of the postcards received.

This file will move into the CBC archives for Patrons tomorrow (Monday).