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Secrets of Tibet for Fantasy Grounds 2

Fantasy Grounds is a popular "virtual tabletop" for roleplaying games, featuring rules sets and scenarios for many RPGs that allow for online gaming with friends. Newly released for Fantasy Grounds: Call of Cthulhu is Secrets of Tibet a conversion by Colin Richardson of Jason Williams' CoC 7th edition source book about the mysterious and fabled country.


Besides source material, FG: Secrets of Tibet also includes three scenarios ready for online play. You will need an active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and a one time purchase of the FG: Call of Cthulhu 7e Ruleset to get things running.


A number of packages are available for Fantasy Grounds: Call of Cthulhu, which looks set to increase further in the future.

Fantasy Grounds: Secrets of Tibet


An Unknown Land of Mythos and Mystery


TIBET is a common term used in the western world to refer to a remote plateau situated north of the Himalayan mountain range in Asia. A land of high-altitude peaks, some areas are impossible to reach without modern technology. The land is populated with malevolent gods and monsters, and deep secrets lie sleeping in ancient tombs and vaults among Tibet's soaring mountains and deep valleys.


Geologists determined that millions of years ago, the Himalayan mountain range lay at the bottom of the ocean. The gradual movement of Earth's tectonic plates raised this region so that it now contains many of the highest points above sea level on the planet. The Himalayas cover a vast area that, some whisper, overlaps the Dreamlands and the terror-shrouded mountainous area between the Cold Waste and the dreaded Plateau of Leng.


Secrets of Tibet details information about everyday life in this mysterious and unique country, from the early twentieth century through to more modern times, along with horrific underlying truths. Tibetan demons are remnants of races that came to Earth from the stars millions of years ago. They dwell in hidden places, are served by loyal minions, and are protected by ancient dark cults that span the globe. They slumber until a time when the stars align, and their awakening shall herald the end of the world as we know it. Over millennia some have awakened briefly, sometimes for years or even centuries, to observe what has been happening in the world. Others are dreamers with lesser abilities, but in their slumber they influence the cold mountain areas of Tibet. Combined, their powers have thinned the barriers between the Waking World, Earth's Dreamlands, and other worlds and dimensions of space and time.


Included are:

  • A history of Tibet
  • Chapters detailing its culture and religion
  • A bestiary of Tibetan gods and monsters
  • A guide to the Forbidden City of Lhasa including maps
  • Three scenarios that will take investigators to the Tibetan plateau and beyond


Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.2.2 and higher using a Windows PC or Steam.


Price: $13.99 USD


Attached Image: fantasy-grounds-secrets-of-tibet-screenshot-1.jpg Attached Image: fantasy-grounds-secrets-of-tibet-screenshot-2.jpg


Source: https://www.fantasyg...d=CHAFGCOC7ESOT


Fantasy Grounds does also work on Mac and Linux using WINE- so you can download direct for those OSes. I don't have much experience using FG on a Mac- one session as a player- it appears to have a learning curve, but those who have mastered it can get impressive results in terms of automatising dice rolls, using rule sets and on-screen graphics import/ document hand-outs. And CoC 7th edition is a supported rule-set for FG (for an extra price). But on a Mac it is fiddly- deciding to expand the programme to go full screen is a mistake. 


Revised, proper cross platform version  "under development"