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    The Masks of Nylarthotep Companion tried to address this, valiantly -- we're talking the or... - Celebrim Today, 06:55 PM

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    Sure thing!   If Job does get sent back, have the wheels of justice turn slowly enough t... - Lisa Today, 06:38 PM

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    Ruthanna Emrys's take on them in "Litany of Earth" and "Winter Tide" is that they are terribl... - Lisa Today, 06:34 PM

  • Eternal Lies SPOILERS GMs ONLY
    Perfect! That’s great and reinforces my way of thinking. I’m going to play it up with the t... - BenJoss Today, 06:29 PM

  • Eternal Lies SPOILERS GMs ONLY
    Okay, I think what you did with Teake was brilliant. He is the obvious target, and for precis... - Lisa Today, 05:49 PM

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Secret Shoggoth XII

Can it be? Why, yes! It's time for Secret Shoggoth! - YSDC's annual festive mystery gift exchange. Now in its 12th incarnation, Secret Shoggoth has proven a great community event over the years.

If you'd like to join in the 2017 edition of Secret Shoggoth, pop on over to the Yoggie forums and check out the following thread: Secret Shoggoth XII - all the details are there.

Deadline for taking part this year (2017) is Friday, 17th November. Eldritch entities are already signing up...

Secret Shoggoth XII

YSDC's annual festive mystery gift exchange now in its 12th year, and ably administrated by Helen, Arch Shoggoth Master.


Secret Shoggoth


The deadline for participation in this year's Secret Shoggoth has now passed.


Thanks to everyone who signed up!