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Canis Mysterium

11 Nov 2013 02:24 PM | WinstonP in Reviews

Considering my interest in Lovecraft Country scenarios, I was an easy sell for Chaosium’s release of Canis Mysterium, a scenario set in Arkham and Coldwater Falls.

I should note that this review is based on reading the PDF and not an examination of the print version. I shall spoil the scenario, so if you want to be surprised, do not read on.

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Colonial Terrors Monograph Review

02 Oct 2013 01:20 PM | malcojones in Reviews

Colonial Terrors: Call of Cthulhu Adventures Prior to the American Revolution

Chaosium MULA Monograph 58pp
Author: Jeff Woodall
Cover Art: Matt Zeilinger
Interior Art: Jeff Woodall

Published October 2011

Credit to Jeff Woodall for seeing potential in the colonial period of American history and to whoever got Matt Zeilinger to do the cover art. Unfortunately the content and interior art don’t begin to live up to what the cover promises.

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The Sevenfold Path

12 Jan 2012 11:37 AM | Guest in Reviews

Author: Jeff Moeller
Art: Divers Hands
Publisher: Chaosium Inc. MULA Monograph 0403, October 2011.

Review by: G. Roby

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Dead Leaves Fall

12 Jan 2012 11:01 AM | Guest in Reviews

Authors: Simon Yee et al.
Art: Divers Hands
Publisher: Chaosium Inc. MULA Monograph 0406, October 2011.

Review by: Skyman and NeferSutekh

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Bride of Halloween Horror: Nine Dread Encounter...

09 May 2011 06:16 AM | Guest in Reviews

Authors: Sarah Newton et al.
Art: Divers Hands
Publisher: Chaosium Inc. MULA Monograph 0364, October 2008.

Review by: malcojones

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