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Pulp Cthulhu Interview with Mike Mason

While at Dragonmeet 2016 at the weekend I took the opportunity to catch Mike Mason (Line Developer for Call of Cthulhu) and ask him about Chaosium's new Pulp Cthulhu supplement which they were selling at the convention.


The following is an audio interview with Mike, recorded at the (very modest) Dragonmeet bar. Conventions can be less than ideal places for recordings but it is at least intelligible. Find out the background to Pulp Cthulhu, tips for running and playing the game and what to look out for from Chaosium in 2017.


Hard-panned in post for that "We've just invented stereo!" novelty effect. Our new recording technique allows us to do a lot of wonderfully weird stuff.


Oh, and Dragonmeet was indeed busy...

Pulp Cthulhu - Dragonmeet 2016 Interview


Hear a clip from the interview. To listen to the full recording, pick it up on our podcast feed.


Posted Image


Mike Mason, with Call of Cthulhu 7th edition co-author, Paul Fricker (right).


Thanks for this Paul! Very happy I picked up a copy of Pulp Cthulhu at Dragonmeet (second to last one there I believe!).

Enjoyed listening to this. I'm looking forward to finding Pulp Cthulhu in the wild.