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Petersen's Abominations

Out from Chaosium comes Petersen's Abominations, an anthology of scenarios from the mind of SandyPetersen, the original author of the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.


Initially entitled "Tales of Sandy Petersen", Petersen's Abominations represents Sandy's personal collection of convention scenarios. The five modern-day one-shots have been brought to publication with the assistance of Mike Mason (MikeM).


Recordings of two of the games are available here on YSDC: The Derelict and Panacea (run by Sandy himself). Petersen's Abominations is available in PDF format with print to follow as usual.

Petersen's Abominations
Five Epic Tales of Modern Horror


Gathered from across the aeons, Petersen's Abominations brings together a collection of modern day scenarios from the twisted imagination of the creator of the Call of Cthulhu RPG himself, Sandy Petersen.


Assisted by Mike Mason, Call of Cthulhu line editor, each one-shot scenario is designed for one or more sessions of play.


Scenarios include Panacea, Hotel Hell, Mohole, The Derelict, and Voice on the Phone. Each scenario comes with a set of ready to play pre-generated investigators, allowing players to dive straight into the mysteries within.


ZyMedBio Corp is a pharmaceutical development company. The company is relatively new, having been incorporated just three years ago. In the last five months, the company has begun drug trials on human subjects for a range of clinical issues. Currently, ZyMedBio is undertaking a Phase 2 study where human subjects are being given doses of a new drug called "Zylactis".


Behind a miraculous cure for many ills hides a loathsome truth.


Hotel Hell
In 1924 an obscure and ill-regarded painter from Europe, named Johan Schiegl, came to the Seven Stars Hotel in British Columbia. Seeking solitude far away from hustle and bustle of the Roaring Twenties, Schiegl came to capture the remote and rugged wilderness of the Canadian landscape in his paintings...


An inheritance in the remote wilderness of British Columbia conceals a hideous secret that may spell the end of the world.


A team of observers is called in to conduct an audit and report on an experimental and top secret drilling project designed to penetrate the Earth's crust and release a previously untapped source of energy. Set on a repurposed North Sea oil platform, those involved discover that there are some depths that should never be plumbed…


An experimental drilling project delves too deep and brings the attention of an ancient unspeakable horror.


The Derelict
Within the icy waters of the North Atlantic the discovery of a missing reefer ship, the Groenland Tropisch, stranded on an iceberg brings considerations of a substantial salvage reward, driving an attempt to rescue the ship. But in so doing, an ancient horror is stirred…


A final journey brings a remarkable discovery and a hidden terror.


Voice on the Phone
As youngsters, Diego Lopez and his younger brother Juan were close. While Diego had the street smarts, Juan was more academically minded and his parents pushed him to make something of his life away from the streets and gangs of Dallas. Of course, Juan just wanted to be like his brother. Both boys seemed destined for a gang lifestyle; however, Juan's life was to take a different turn…


A tale of two brothers set in the violent world of gang culture.


Advice for getting the most out of the scenarios is provided, as well as suggestions for expanding the scope of the adventures and increasing their length. Each scenario comes with a set of ready to play pre-generated investigators, allowing players to dive straight into the mysteries within.


Produced in full colour, with cover art by Victor Leza, and cartography by Andrew Law and Stephanie McAlea.


Price: £14.98


Source: https://www.chaosium...ominations-pdf/


Bought. Awesome, been looking forward to this one. Although I half expected Sandy Petersen to be on the pre-generated characters list. Otherwise why's it called "Tales of Sandy Petersen"?..


Maybe when I run this I'll have to make him turn up in every scenario like Stan Lee.

Petersen's Abominations is now out in hardcover, priced at £28.60.