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YSDC Patronage

YSDC Patronage


If you enjoy and make use of what we offer then do consider becoming a Patron of Yog-Sothoth.


Being a Patron is the most effective way to help us. In thanks for your support additional benefits may be available (see below). Without patronage "Olde Yoggie" would quickly disappear.

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Just a few of the possible Patron benefits include:

  • Access to The Silver Lodge Patrons' forum.
  • Exclusive game recordings and articles.
  • Access to The Arkham Market (Yoggie Shoppe).
  • Over a decade of seminar & convention recordings.
  • Hundreds of other exclusive Patron-only files.
  • Private/Club Blogs.
  • Personal Photo Albums.
  • Longer signature with URLs.
  • Bigger Private Messages box (15x larger).
  • The Innsmouth Inquirer newsletter.
  • Access to YSDC projects.
  • Access to The Cthulhu Breakfast Club.
  • ...and quite a bit more.
There's so much more to see... The Temptation thread gives a hint of some of the things that have been made available previously. Thank you for your support and help in keeping YSDC going for the benefit of everyone.


To sign up, log in and visit our subscriptions page to begin.


- Thank you -


Both parties have the right to cancel without notice or reason. Patronage is charged quarterly on a recurring basis. Payments are non-refundable.

You remain in full control and responsible for your subscription through PayPal. Should Yog-Sothoth cease operation, all recurring support will be cancelled immediately.