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Out of the Woods

Out of the Woods from Pelgrane Press is a new scenario anthology for Trail of Cthulhu with a particular sylvan focus...


"The shadowy depths of the primeval forest are the ancient source of our collective fears. But there is worse in the woods than timber wolves and fairy tales; you can lose not just your way, but your mind, too. This brand new collection of Trail of Cthulhu adventures explores hidden groves and endless avenues – the hideous soul of Lovecraft's forest."


Featuring five scenarios by Adam Gauntlett, Lauren Roy, Chris Spivey, Ruth Tillman and Aaron Vanek, containing extensive handouts, maps and pre-generated characters for each adventure.


Available now from Pelgrane's web shop.

Out of the Woods
If you go down to the woods today…


Scenarios include:

  • Midnight Sub Rosa: The diary of Ezekiel de la Poer, a colonial-era French necromancer hanged for child-murder in 1736 was stolen at the home of an emeritus professor in the small town of Rosa, Alabama. His house lives in the eaves of a forest of white ash. Can the Investigators find the book before its thief becomes something else entirely?
  • The Silence Mill: In a small village in Brittany close on the Arthurian forest of Brocéliande, a friend of the Investigators stands accused of serial murder, cannibalism and even lycanthropy. Can they ascertain the truth, or will the truth find them?
  • Dreaming of a Better Tomorrow for 30 Dollars a Month: Amongst crowded green precipices and muttering forest streams of Vermont, labourers from one of Roosevelt's integrated Civilian Conservation Corps camps disappear. In an atmosphere fraught with political intrigue and Jim Crow laws, can a mixed bag of Investigators find the primordial peril which threatens more than just one camp, or even one State?
  • The Coldest Walk: Deep in Wisconsin's northern woods lies the town of Four Pines – a quiet, almost forgettable community. However, whenever the aurora flashes in the sky the inhabitants have a terrible choice to make. Can the Investigators stop the inevitable, or must they take the Walk for themselves?
  • Trembling Giant: In 1937, the United States government transferred 300 acres to the newly recognised Koosharem Band of Paiute Indians. But this new land is throttled by distorted trees and stalked by unnatural beasts. Nightmares grip the shaman and warning totems shatter – what is the legacy of this ancient land, and can the tribesfolk fight this ancient evil?


Out of the Woods takes your hand and leads you gently through the eaves and into the darkness.


Price: £19.95


Source: http://site.pelgrane...t-of-the-woods/


I'm glad to have worked on this, and I hope everyone enjoys the collection!

The description looks interesting. Will there be any kind of preview pages?

Typically the PDF version appears on places like DriveThruRPG a few months down the line, which usually offers PDF preview pages.

07 Sep 2017 02:17 AM

Looks pretty solid! This would be a perfect anthology for my group. Plus, I'm pretty into trees. So bonus there, too.

My copies of Out of the Woods and Cthulhu City both arrived today. I am loving the new Scene Flow Diagrams in both, which greatly help in understanding the flow of the scenarios. More like this, please!