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Nineteen Years of YSDC - Set in Wax

“Olde Yoggie”/YSDC/this web site passed its 19th year online last Friday (16th). In internet terms Yog-Sothoth is now quite a venerable beast and I try not to dwell on how many hours of my life have been spent working on it over the years. ;-)


Every so often we like to mark the birthdays with something novel (you may remember on Yoggie’s 15th birthday we gave away the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion 0.9 beta). Well, this year, we have something a little different, and as far as I know a first…


A special wax cylinder recording of our podcast, The Cthulhu Breakfast Club. I said it was different!

It’s not the first wax cylinder we’ve done, but it might be the last as they’re now extremely difficult to produce. However if you would like a memento of YSDC and have something quite unusual for your collection, then this may be worth look.

CBC #027: Wax On!

This special wax cylinder recording of The Cthulhu Breakfast Club has been released to mark 19 years of Yog-Sothoth.com (YSDC). It exists in no other form.

Recorded in 3D Ambisonic audio at Pickles Tea Rooms in Baildon, Yorkshire, April 2017, and released in antique monophonic sound.

Each cylinder is individually numbered (xx/19) and bears the Seal of Yog-Sothoth. This item will be available for sale for a maximum of 19 days only.

Curious about the content? Don’t have your own cylinder player? Our resident boffin and CBC Host, Marty Jopson has promised to invent a device that will play the mysterious Cthulhoid cylinder and then share those plans with the folks who buy a copy. (No promises when though!)

If you’re a fan of audio history, like the site or are simply after a rather neat object and talking point, then this cylinder may be just the wax your ears need!

Due to Host copies and other commitments, not all 19 copies are available, so grab one (carefully) while you can.

See: CBC Wax Cylinder in the Yoggie Shoppe


20 Jun 2017 12:40 AM

#Fallofthewall Really Paul... really! I fully understand your point and reasons, but wouldn't another approach be more 'acceptable'? Chris has a good point about being 'angry'. I do wish I was in a position to do more myself...

Friday, 7th July is the last day of the 19 day "public sale window" for the cylinder. If you want one, now's the time to pick it up!