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NfP #045: Shrivelled Intentions

Yes, it's News from Pnakotus for June 2017! Marty and I discuss all things Cthulhu-ey, Lovecraftian and more in our (regular as possible) dining news podcast transmitted from the beating heart of Baildon in sunny rainy Yorkshire.


We've moved into the early 21st century as NfP goes AAC as part of our audio transition. That means higher quality audio, and chapters and links to topics within the file (if your podcast players can use them).


News from Pnakotus was originally broadcast live in 360ยบ video from Pickles' Tea Rooms on Monday, 5th June.


We have a fantastic giveaway in this show too.

News from Pnakotus #045: Shrivelled Intentions


Featuring news scraped from ye olde Lovecraftian networks and rumour mills, along with This Week in Lovecraft.



For more information on our podcasts, visit: yog-sothoth.com/studio.


Win this:


The Call of Cthulhu & Other Weird Stories - External
Also, as mentioned in the show: Chaosium's new Fan Material policy

Band of musicians? I think that's the Beatles. Neat.

Musical magicians, FTW! :-)