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NfP#041: Clueless

Welcome to another News from Pnakotus – the Lovecraftian and Cthulhu news show from YSDC!


Marty & I return to our usual table at the delightful Pickles' Tea Rooms in Baildon to bring you the latest mythos mutterings, horror headlines and Lovecraftian lowdowns, plus we share the secret of our editorial policy (hint: see the title of this episode).


Like a number of our other shows, NfP is a rare beast among a universe of podcasts: 1) We record and dine in a set of Tea Rooms, 2) We're the world's only podcast recorded in Ambisonic sound. Whatever people may think of our particular productions - we're rarely mundane.


So, come join us now (if you weren't around for the live broadcast) as we pour eldritch entertainment(?) into ears once more.

News from Pnakotus #041: Clueless


Featuring: The Grand Grimoire of Mythos Magic, YSDC Wax Cylinders, MoN & Fungi French Deluxe, Fungi from Yuggoth Annotated Edition, AireCon 2017, The Fenworthy Inheritance and The Smoking Mirror, HPLHS Raffles, Elder Dice, The Yellow King RPG, "Tell us nothing", Modiphia magazine, King of Tokyo: Cthulhu Monster Pack, events, This Week in Lovecraft (The Ides of March).


The MP3 file features chapters and links (if your podcast player can handle them).


Originally broadcast live from Pickles' Tea Rooms on Monday 13th March, 2017.


If you'd like to support our efforts or for more information on our shows, please see: yog-sothoth.com/studio


15 Mar 2017 10:25 AM
Another welcome broadcast of news & views. Keep it up chaps!

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it!

The AireCon IV interviews cited in this edition of NfP are out:


AireCon IV: Recorded Conversations

The Elder Dice KS mentioned in the show closed at $261,885 USD from 4,751 backers.