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NfP#040: Achtung! The Vinyl Serpent of Colourful Doom!

If you missed the live broadcast of this week's News from Pnakotus then fear not! The full NfP audio recording is now available on our podcast feed (which has been at the same address since 2004).


Chris joins Marty and myself and as a triumvirate we tackle the terrible truths and fearsome facts that surface from the Lovecraftian worlds... outside! (and we play some vinyl to boot...)


Speaking of vinyl we feature a fantastic Lovecraftian LP (from Cadabra Records [US] and distributed in the UK by Psilowave) and we have a great giveaway courtesy of Modiphius Entertainment (Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish Commander's Set + minis).


All this and more in 60 minutes of mythos mumblings insightful Cthulhu commentary.

News from Pnakotus #040: Achtung! The Vinyl Serpent of Colourful Doom!


Featuring: Pulp Cthulhu: The Two-Headed Serpent, Call of Cthulhu: The Colouring Book, Seeds of Doom, Brotherhood of the Beast (Deluxe), Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish, Pickman's Model on vinyl, Call of Cthulhu metal dice, Cthulhu Invictus 7e KS, Dreamhounds of Paris limited edition, Esdevium Games' List, This Week in Lovecraft (The Dreams in the Witch House).


The MP3 file features chapters and links (if your podcast player can handle them).


If you'd like to support our efforts or for more information on our shows, please see: yog-sothoth.com/studio


The vinyl LP featured in this edition of News from Pnakotus is Pickman's Model, read by Andrew Leman of the HPLHS (with sound by Theologian). The following is a video clip featuring the beginning of the record (digitised from the vinyl release):
Pickman's Model - Cadabra Records (sample)
Pickman's Model Vinyl LP

(Turquoise swirl variant [300 copies]. See also: cover and gatefold.)

Thanks for the kind words about The Two-Headed Serpent, and our Call of Cthulhu coloring book! I just want to add that although the Two-Headed Serpent is currently only out as PDF, anyone who buys it from Chaosium gets the full $22.95 off as a discount when the print book is available at Chaosium.com. Same also applies with The Grand Grimoire, which was released as a PDF today. 


Both Two-Headed Serpent and Grand Grimoire are being printed in China, and will be available at all three of our warehouses (USA, UK, Australia) for distribution in 3-4 months.

I can't wait to see the Two-Headed Serpent in the flesh - if you know what I mean. What will happen with the Keeper Resource Pack for the hardcopy? Any chance of a print version of these? I'm just sat on the train planning my first session of the campaign in a couple of weeks...

What will happen with the Keeper Resource Pack for the hardcopy? Any chance of a print version of these?

Chaosium have stated there won't be a separate print of the THS: Keeper Resource Pack.

02 Mar 2017 01:31 PM


That's not a problem, though, as the Keeper Resource Pack just gathers together materials from the main book.


That is disappointing. Perhaps a 'Print on Demand' option might be made available?