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News from Pnakotus: The Horror...

The YSDC "news & views" podcast for late April 2018, News from Pnakotus, is now available on our podcast feed.


Marty and I gather once more in a fine set of Yorkshire tea rooms to discuss all things Mythos-y and more. This edition of NfP was recorded on Wednesday, 25th April, released to Patrons on the 27th and is now on general release (30th).


We also take the opportunity to delve into the deluxurious contents of Terreur sur l'Orient Express from Sans-D├ętour, a quite handsome rendition of that Call of Cthulhu classic, Horror on the Orient Express.


All aboard for News from Pnakotus!

News from Pnakotus: The Horror...


Featuring Cthulhu & Lovecraftian news, show & tell and This Week in Lovecraft among other tenebrous tales.


Chapters, links and images accessible via a suitable podcast player.


Pick it up now, until the next one comes out (unless you're a Patron of Yog-Sothoth, in which case you get all the archives stretching back to 2010).





The next NfP [May 2018] is currently on public release. Pick it up in all the usual places - until it's replaced by a newer edition of course.