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NfP#043: Seeing it All

Back with another trebuchet of tentacular titbits and Dark Heresy hearsay, News from Pnakotus returns to the digital netwaves - and this time it actually was broadcast in 360º live video as originally promised.


It was strobalicious.


We talk of terrible topics and will neither confirm or deny at this time whether any devilish dancing actually occurred during the show. Anyway here's 50 minutes of fearsome fun* ready for your aural pleasure**.


*A matter of opinion.
**Almost sure that's not the right word...

News from Pnakotus #043: Seeing it All


Featuring news scraped from ye olde Lovecraftian networks and Cthulhu rumour mills, along with This Week in Lovecraft.



Originally broadcast live in 360º from Pickles' Tea Rooms on Monday 10th April, 2017.


For more information on our podcasts, visit: yog-sothoth.com/studio. To support the show see our Patreon page or pick something up from yog-sothoth.com/shop - Thank you.