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News from Pnakotus: R'lyeh Rising

Now out on the podcast feed, our first News from Pnakotus for spring 2018.


Join me and Marty as we discuss all things Lovecraft, Cthulhu and more that's been in the news, and featuring the popular "pass-the-popcorn" entertainment of the moment: JOSHI WATCH!


This podcast is a recording of our live 360º broadcast from Wednesday, 21st March. Released to our Patrons on Friday and now on general release (Monday) - until the next one comes out of course...

News from Pnakotus: R'lyeh Rising


Featuring Cthulhu & Lovecraftian news, show & tell, JOSHI WATCH and This Week in Lovecraft among other tenebrous things.


Chapters, links and images accessible via a suitable podcast player.



Absolutely love this little show. Glad you gave Steph & Stygian Fox some love for Hudson and Brand. My group has played one scenario ("Bare-Knuckle Bill") and have decided to make H&B a permanent part of our Victorian campaigns going forward.  I've had the PDF for a few months, and just today received my notification from DTRPG that my print copy is on the way. Huzzah! Bacon!


- Bill


PS. And YES JOSHI WATCH! I would love for ol' ST to review one of my books. It would be awesome. Like Harlan Ellison, only different.

Thank you. :-) If you enjoy the show please feel free to spread the word. 


Mmmmm..... Bacon.... I must see if I can locate an original print copy of that map.