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News from Pnakotus: Born to the Dark

We don't usually put notice of our podcast releases on the front page much these days but the past couple of weeks have seen exceptions due to their unusually noteworthy nature (such as The Cthulhu Breakfast Club with Mike Mason and the conclusion of our Call of Cthulhu campaign recordings). In this case, News from Pnakotus (our Lovecraftian news and views show) has just turned 50 [episodes].


It took us a little while to get there but we managed it in the end!


The current edition of News from Pnakotus can always be found on our public podcast feed, with the full archives available to our Patrons.

News from Pnakotus: Born to the Dark


News from Pnakotus for late September 2017.


Reigns of terror, leather, and tea on the trail of cthulhu.




News from Pnakotus is released as a bookmarked AAC file with chapters and links (if you have a suitable podcast player).


Originally broadcast live in 360ยบ video from Pickles' Tea Rooms, Baildon.