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NfP #044: It's Bonkers Big!

More News from Pnakotus, this time with whatever mythos morsels catch our eyes, ears and appendages for May 2017.


Join Marty and me (Paul) as we discuss tentacular topics of the day and plunge into Cthulhu conversations that no sane person would conceive.


News from Pnakotus was originally broadcast live in 360ยบ video from Pickles' Tea Rooms in Yorkshire on Monday, 8th May.

News from Pnakotus #044: It's Bonkers Big!


Featuring news scraped from ye olde Lovecraftian networks and rumour mills, along with This Week in Lovecraft.



For more information on our podcasts, visit: yog-sothoth.com/studio. To support the show see our Patreon page or pick up something from yog-sothoth.com/shop.

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In line with recent progression to a more modern audio format, News from Pnakotus #044 has now been updated to high quality AAC.