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  • Arkham in England: Arkholme
    There's also a pseudo-pun on Arcane. "Chest" or "box" has also been posited as the meaning of... - JeffErwin Today, 07:15 AM

  • Arkham in England: Arkholme
    What of the echo "ark" as in "Ark of the Covenant", from Old English ærc and Latin... - Travern Today, 04:23 AM

  • Role Playing Journal
    When John Valentine and his gang escape from a prison train taking them to San Francisco, fou... - Max_Writer Today, 12:57 AM

  • Arkham in England: Arkholme
    I’ve always thought it might be derived from some version of Markham, lit. Mark’s Village. M... - WinstonP Today, 12:40 AM

  • Terrible Hound in the Dark Woods
    On that note, you could use "The Howler" sonnet from "Fungi from Yuggoth" for inspiration.... - TMS Yesterday, 07:56 PM

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NfP#042: Silhouette

Welcome once again to News from Pnakotus (for late March 2017) – our Lovecraftian and Cthulhu news show.


Chris tag-teams for Marty in this episode - but that doesn't stop Marty joining in our LIVE show via our hashtag: #YSDCLIVE


We bring you the latest mythos mutterings and gargantuan gossip from around the Lovecraftian world and delve into magical topiary while exploring Chris's new-found longevity. All this and more (whether you want it or not) in...



News from Pnakotus #042: Silhouette


Featuring news scraped from ye olde Lovecraftian networks and Cthulhu rumour mills, along with This Week in Lovecraft.


The MP3 file features chapters and links.



Originally broadcast live from Pickles' Tea Rooms on Monday 27th March, 2017.


If you'd like to support our efforts or for more information on our shows, please see: yog-sothoth.com/studio