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Lost in the Lights

Sixtystone Press have released Lost in the Lights, the first volume in a series dealing with modern day cults for Call of Cthulhu. Written by Jeffrey Moeller (The Primal State) and featuring art by David Lee Ingersoll, the supplement provides an in-depth examination of the cult of Shabbith-Ka along with a scenario set in Las Vegas, promising "...Elvises. Lots and lots of Elvises."

A set of deluxe interactive handouts are also available allowing you to customise them for your own game. Lost in the Lights is available now in PDF format with a print edition from Chronicle City to follow later in the year.
Lost in the Lights


Angelique Adams was a runaway coming home from Las Vegas. Only she never made it and her last text message said she had been trying to escape some "cult wackos"!

Tracking down the aspiring singer will take you on a journey into the seamy, steamy high-risk and surreal Sin City of today where what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

Lost in the Lights presents a full description and history of the Keepers of the Primal Song, and Invisible Sun, a full-length investigative scenario and thoroughly researched background for Call of Cthulhu…Right Now!

Plus add-on plot seeds, suggested viewing & listening, and conversion notes for the Delta Green setting. And Elvises. Lots and lots of Elvises.

Prepare to have your soul set on fire… figuratively and literally.

Casino security, cinematic capers, tech-savvy villains, underground night clubs, faded pop stars and celebrity cameos (real and not-so-real) all add up to a long, strange trip… Beyond.

Lost in the Lights is the first volume of Neue Unaussprechliche Kulte, a series detailing modern day cults that are ready to run for any Keeper of Arcane Lore.

Viva La Shabbith, baby!

Author: Jeffrey Moeller
Artist: David Lee Ingersoll
Format: 90 page PDF

Price: £6.56 (Supplement) | £1.31 (Deluxe Handouts)

Source: http://rpg.drivethru...t-in-the-Lights