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Announcing the Return of DAGON!

Carl T. Ford, former editor of the influential 1980s CoC/HPL fanzine DAGON has decided to resurrect the magazine for a one-off special this autumn, due to popular demand.


The publication will be 100 pages long and perfect bound, featuring colour covers by Dave Carson, unpublished material by Karl Edward Wagner and the return of Peter Jeffery, D. F. Lewis and a host of other regulars, plus one or two big name surprises...

Carl isn't taking advance orders yet, but the book will be limited to 750 numbered copies and will likely retail for about £5.95.

Yog-Sothoth.com has been asked to help in providing the scenario for the new issue.

DAGON was one of the foremost amateur magazines for Lovecraft studies and the Call of Cthulhu game during its original 27 issue run from 1983 to 1990. A PDF copy of the first issue of DAGON is available to download from our Files area. You can also read an interview with Carl T. Ford about his experiences with the magazine in our interviews section.


We look forward to DAGON's return!


Did this ever happen? Thanks, Andy

No, it never happened.

I would really love if you got permission to post issues 2-4, at least. those early issues are impossible to find. I own issues #15 and on.

I am sad to report that Carl passed away in early November 2017.

We at least know what his epitaph should read, as he provided it himself.