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Yog Radio #41: Live and Hippocampified

10 Feb 2010 04:18 PM | Guest in News Archive

The February 2010 edition of Yog Radio is out, featuring our ensemble cast along with your hosts: Paul, Fin & Neil and introducing Helen (Mrs. of Cthulhu) in the Gallery.

Yog Radio #41 features an interview with Derrick Hussey of Hippocampus Press - a leading light in the publication of Lovecraftian literature. This show was also our first live public broadcast transmitted over the YR2 channel.

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Chaosium News: February 2010

01 Feb 2010 01:22 PM | Guest in News Archive

The R'lyeh Report
February 1, 2010

Transmitted by Dustin Wright of the Leng Embassy, TX.

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OneBookShelf Super Bundle for Haiti Relief

23 Jan 2010 06:49 AM | Guest in News Archive

After the recent terrible natural disaster in Haiti, OneBookShelf have put together an incredible "Super Bundle" of RPGs and supplements. For $20 (US) you will receive over $1000 worth of PDF product featuring an amazing range of titles, including the...

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Miskatonic River Press Releases Keith Herber Sh...

04 Jan 2010 05:41 PM | Guest in News Archive

Miskatonic River Press has published a 50 page PDF of the late Keith Herber's short fiction. Transcribed by Kevin Ross these are a set of non-mythos stories available only from MRP's web site, priced at $10 (US). Proceeds from the sales go to Keith's...

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Tatters of the King Audio Game

01 Jan 2010 03:02 PM | Guest in News Archive

As our Horror on the Orient Express audio game is cycled off public release (though still available to Patrons), pulling into the Station is Tatters of the King, based on Tim Wiseman's critically acclaimed campaign for Call of Cthulhu.

The Tatters of the King Audio Game sees Neil take up the Keeper's chair and introduces a new player to the group (Sophie). Starting in London in 1928, strange happenings are afoot and the party receive a letter requesting the help of an eminent Alienist.

Also featuring the return of "The Silver Fox" (Betty Sunderland, from HotOE)!

Episodes will be released on our usual twice-monthly schedule, with Yoggie Patron releases, being three months ahead of the public files.

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